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    Mage Talent Trees in MoP ......

    We are insanely nerfed, at least from a PvP standpoint. RoF and Imp. CoC are now mutually exclusive, Imp. CoC was nerfed, and Ice Barrier, Mana Shield, and Blazing Speed are also all mutually exclusive. As a frost mage, we have had all 5 of these this expansion and now we are forced to choose between two. Cold Snap was nerfed too. Two of our most useful utility talents, Imp CS and Impact, are probably going to be part of their respective spec abilities, meaning frost will lose access to those too. (Unless they make those baseline, but I'm deeply suspicious of that).

    Combined with all of the other specs' new and probably overpowered abilities, our copy/paste just seems absolutely lame in comparison.

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