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    Transmog and lvl 60 pvp weapons

    Am I the only one being sad, that we are not allowed to use the weapon models from lvl 60 pvp weapons, for transmoging? :/

    I am on the ptr atm where the weapon models arent useable
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    I don't really care to be honest, but I am curious where you saw/heard this; as I've been wondering what the restrictions on gear that can, and cannot be Transmogrified are
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    Im on the ptr atm (Brill EU) and just found out that the weapon models wasnt useable

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    Did it say it was? Haven't seen a blue post about it.

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    Seriously? WTF... This I didn't know... Can you use the lvl 60 pvp sets at least?

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    I dont know, as im a DK (no lvl 60 set) so I cant tell. Was just wanting to use that lovely 2h axe, but cant, and i have tried out multiple weapons.

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