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    Hey, i am a disc priest healing both roles at the server EU- The Maelstrom

    My guild is a 25 man guild. And i personally got 2,8k spirit but im always at 90% or more mana so im gonna reforge out of spirit. I personally (unless you are playing 10 man) cant understand why you choose to even have haste unless the item is BiS. Haste does nothing for disc. Faster heals by 0,3 sec isnt rly that much. Imo its mastery first prio and crit second since disc have the biggest benefit from that. And yes it is possible to go with low spirit since you get 6% mana back every 12 sec if you time it right. I have never gone below 60% mana so i have way to much spirit. But if i start spamming i usually go on the top at healing meters. But i never have to since disc spec doesnt do that. Basically we are used to keep players at a high hp at all times thanks to our devine aegis and absorbtions. So if you need the extra haste just do a shield and start casting a greater heal. By the time the shield is absorbed your greater heal is already cast and the tank will have his 73k crit. Same goes for prayer of healing when raid healing. And btw you are also forgetting smite. It can be used for fights like lord ryolith. If a AA specced disc priest heals the spark tank the fight is a walk in the park. you can crit about 70k with smites on the sparks and heal the tank for the same ammount. Works rly well for alyzrazor tank healing aswell. And majordomo cat phase aswell. the archangel gives the same direct ammount as rapture does. And its not hard to get up evangelism.

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    I have been having the same thoughts as a lot of people in this thread, I nearly always endfights with so much mana that it feels like a waste. On that basis how much mastery do you 1.5 - 1.9k spirit people roll with?

    I have reached a level of haste I feel comfortable with so would be reforging to mastery, maybe a bit of crit but not to haste.

    Ty in advance for your thoughts. :-)

    Edit: My healing role is not set in stone and can be either raid or tank healing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Verth Aeyta View Post
    I have a comfort zone of around 1.5k - 2K spirit, I really don't like to dip below that but seeing as I'm only 2/7 heroics I suspect that as I get better gear that number can go down, thought I suspect that some people that say mana as disc is a joke aren't really putting out their full potential or they're 3 healing the content or talking out their ass, 2 healing most of the content in 10 mans puts a strain on my mana sometime fierce but I do enjoy it immensely.
    Agree on that. 10man should be only 2healed.We are half our way progresing aswell in hc modes as a casual guild. I have reforged all spirit to mastery haste and indeed sometimes i have mana issues but most of the times i have a cd to use and save the day.

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