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    5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. PDT what is this in CEST (Europe) ??? PLease dont tell me it's in the middle of the night or sth like that >.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shofie View Post
    I am kinda disappointed it doesn't even seem to attempt to flap it's wings, but it is still very pretty nonetheless, and certainly better than most races "default" mount (looking at you, elekk), so it'll be handy for giving to alts.
    I agree, I am a "tad" disappointed in the wings, but it isn't a completely finished model so they "may" change that much. However in all the mount its self is stunning.
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    Lookin' good free horse

    Oh and lol at destro nerf, terrible stuff blizz.. don't worry if it hits big in pve, you can just dispel immo in pvp and not much damage will go out you know.

    Btw 20sec isn't enough for ISF go fer 30!!
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    please change the wings

    Omg please change the wings either remove flapping or do it good xD sucks currently so disappointed in the horse please blizzard please change the wings

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    Really... re-nerfing destro, thanks a million blizzard.
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    Sorry if i've just overlooked it, but what site will the liveshow be streamed on?
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    I hope the wings get changed to something more folded up while on the ground, and more "wingy" while flying.

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    those "wings" look like crap...

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    Horribile mount!!!!

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    Great. Blizzard kisses the mages and give the warlocks the pain in the backside. At this rate its gonna be a general nerf now for locks instead of a buff as promised for the fix on the doomguard. Hopefully MOP will bring better times instead of more nerfs.

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    wings look like trash...barely even flap, they don't even fold up right. They should just make them angelic feathered wings instead of trails of whispy air.

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    I am hoping they aren't done with the wings. That's the only part I don't like about it at this point.

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    Oh come on blizz, fix those wings! Otherwise, It's absolutely beautiful mount!

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    Mind if I roll need? xskarma's Avatar
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    That mount just SCREAMS "Paladin" to me. Lovely thing too bad my paladin is only level 20 and really on the backlist of things I want to level >.

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    /love my free mount. Haters gonna hate.

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    Is the stream gonna be quicktime or anything other than flash? might watch it in bed on my iphoneIf not is it gonna be on youtube?

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    Oh the mount is such a huge disappointment It looked so amazing in still photos.. but the constant bobbing up and down like the celestial steed only with barely moving half lifting wings? What a shame, just imho I hope they tweak the wing animation and make the wings/body animations match better.

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    Finally I dont have to ride those ugly wyverns on my alts.

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    That mount is going to be insane.So glad I got the annual pass now. (Got ti for Diablo3 ^_^)

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