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    Quote Originally Posted by Bennydabull View Post
    anotehr q&a is nice. i do find the numbers on the poll to be quite hysterical though. for two of the 'top player requested features" of pet battles and challenges, the poll indicates people could care less.
    New Talent System ( 34% ) Pet Battles ( 3% ) New Dungeons & Raids ( 16% )
    Monk Class ( 30% ) Dungeon Challenges ( 1% ) PvP ( 19% )
    They asked what people needed more information about, not what they liked the best. Just because people didn't need more information (especially about something that seems pretty straightforward) doesn't mean they don't care or aren't interested. When they did the second poll directly about the pet battles, 57% of people said there were excited about it or would do it, another 22% said they would probably try it out. Only 21% said they weren't interested or didn't like it.

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    holy shiit!!!they nerfed destro locks back to the hell!!!!!!!!

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    Thats probably the worst Q&A I've ever been a part of.

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    Ghostcrawler: There are definitely villians in Mists of Pandaria. We just didn't want to put one on the "box cover" so to speak (we don't know what the box looks like yet of course). You have seen some of them, like the mogu. We know who the final boss is. Seriously. It's just too epic to share. Yet.
    Please let it be good!!!

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    Horrible Q&A, they answered so many dumb questions instead of real ones.

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    Glad to see the Blizzard tradition of ignoring legit and reasonable questions in favor of bullshit pisstake stuff like "Does Zarhym flirt around the office" is alive and well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wizzlecrank View Post
    Horrible Q&A, they answered so many dumb questions instead of real ones.
    I would have to 100% agree!

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    Quote Originally Posted by quras View Post
    Thats probably the worst Q&A I've ever been a part of.
    Same I've asked, questions worth of 1,5 pages regarding some really critical issues, yet I all I had seen was some questions answered regarding a Pet Battle System, if I was so keen on a pet battle system I'd go participate in the Pokemon B/W tournament, sigh the silly things developers add in to this game, while there are so much more to do with it, with the same effort to spent on, makes me a said Panda...

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    All of my four questions got ignored, however silly humorous questions or statements were frequently published instead.

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    I submitted about 50 questions and they didn't answer one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wizzlecrank View Post
    Horrible Q&A, they answered so many dumb questions instead of real ones.
    Have to agree, worse than some of the questions were the polls. One's like:

    How fantastically awesome are we at blizzard?

    1) Super Awesome!!
    2) Super Duper Awesome!!!!
    3) I want to have your babies!!!!!
    4) I'm a wart on the backside of society for not liking you and plan to kill myself out of shame right after I will all my money to you!!!

    Pair that up with questions like: "Is so and so cute in real life?" Which has WHAT to do with MoP?

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    Have to agree with haters for once such a terrible Q&A total waste of an hour to read stupid questions like " will a panda weep if it skins another bear " >_>

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    Best idea they've done for communication in over a year. Excellent event.

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    Here's what I have asked, apologies for some of the grammar mistakes(I admit there are some silly ones in there)


    -Are there going to be any class specific questlines in MoP?

    -Chris Metzen told us of a Varian's rise to power questline in Blizzcon, is it going to be something leading to Pandaria similar to how Vasjh'ir questline worked out or is it going to be a mid-level experience similar to the one leading up-to Twilight Highlands, or is it going to be 5.0 prequel event? Is there going to be a Horde alternative of such a questline? Or to spice things up is there a possibility of such an alternative being a quest where Horde members under the command of Garrosh try to capture Varian, similar to how SI:7 tried catch Thrall in Goblin questline?

    -Is Azshara(or N’zoth as her master) going to play a role in MoP, or do you reserve Azshara(and/or N’zoth) for a later under-sea based expansion ?

    -Right know there is an ongoing disparity regarding token drops from raids and their distribution to classes, with the addition of Monk class, total number of gear obtained for a single set(e.g chest) of tokens with different set bonuses(22 of them in total), how will the tier tokens are going to be handled, with regards to parting them for classes(e.g Conqueror for Paladin, Priest and Warlocks)?

    -Is there going to be a new primary or secondary profession introduced for MoP?

    -In Blizzcon, it was stated that in MoP Relic slots are going to be removed, following with an addition of visible quivers and librams for Hunters and Paladins respectively. What is going to be modification for Druids, Shaman and Death Knights, if such items are going to be added, are they going to be visible as well?
    Seeing how Remorseless became an talented ability, are you going to implement either of; Defile(it was stated in a blue post that it would make up for good level 90 ability),

    -Summon Val’kyr(lore-breaking though) and Soul Reaper? If no what are going to be the new Death Knight abilities learned between 85 and 90? And finally, is there going to be a replacement or an enhancement for Blood Strike(or a newer ability as Festering Strike) implemented in MoP?

    -As all three of Death Knights’ low-tier or base abilities for regenerating their runes have been moved far into level 75, how are you going to address the rune starvation at lower levels?

    -Are you planning to introduce a progression path followed for dungeons similar to the ones in Burning Crusade, as even though it was really frustrating back in the day, introduction of tools like LFD and LFR may solve the main problems regarding the bottleneck of farming them?

    -Are the Scarlet Monastery and Scholomance dungeons going to be reworked similar to how Zul’gurub, Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep was done or are they going to be only tuned for level 90 similar to Zul’aman?

    -Is there going to be a new flying type introduced in Mists of Pandaria?

    -I’m getting frustrated, seeing some Paladin tanks wearing intellect-plate and Restoration Druids wearing agility-leather to cheat their way into heroics. Are you planning to apply changes to detect the item level fraud in LFD(and in LFR)?

    -We get almost zero to none response to our questions and ideas on suggestions EU-forums despite the great activity in US-forums, any chance on migrating Bashiok or Zarhym over to EU-forums?

    -Similar to how Nerubians and Qiraji were, are Mantid descendants of Aqir?

    -So how soon is the Mists of Pandaria beta?

    -Are there going to be secondary stats added to weapon drops from Deathwing’s loot table, or is the procs going to function as the secondary stats?

    -Is there going to be a new raid instance similar to Vault of Archavon and Baradin Hold in MoP?

    ... It didn't even worth as there were actually no proper questions answered, what a waste of an hour : /

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    Am incredibly impressed by the mount, the only thing I believe needs work is the wing animations. Make Tyrael proud Blizz.

    As far as the Q&A was concerned I couldn't agree more with some of the posters here, the majority of questions answered were pet battles and pvp, two of the lowest ranking things in their little poll. I personally asked over a dozen Monk specific questions and didn't get a single one answered. Not to mention all the silly questions they answered, I wouldn't say it was a waste of an hour but it could've been a hell of a lot more productive.

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    What a surprise, horrible Q&A overall, and the occasional few good questions. Also, what a disappointment that we wont see any more underwater content for MoP. Would have been a perfect idea for this asian-themed expansion. I wonder why they aren't doing it, don't pull that *cuz people got sick!* excuse now...

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    The last question asking "Is it time to wrap it up" was so horribly and obviously planted it made me question the legitimacy of the entire hour.Part of a class based IRC community that must have asked a good 40-50 questions, mostly DK related but some about general gameplay in various aspects, not one was replied to. It was a rather poor choice of questions to reply to on the whole, there were a couple of insights though.

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    Re: Tyrael's Charger, PTR Build 14899, Mists of Pandaria Live Developer Q&A

    I think you ought to have included this answer in the transcript, Bibi, even though there was no specific question displayed to us.

    Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler
    We'll try to address the item inflation question soon in a dev watercooler.
    Originally Posted by Daeleht (Blue Tracker)
    Post constructively
    or I'll press some different buttons next time.
    Quote Originally Posted by Banzhe View Post
    ...I buy an mmo-rpg I expect varying content with social interaction at the heart of it,
    not a twisted version of Diablo meets facebook!
    Perfect summations of my feelings on CRZ - why I want to like it but can't.

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    glad it wasn't just me who noticed the horrible q&a. i mean some really dumb ones. the one hunter one about pets spawning and their speed, lol instead of asking about mechanics fixes to classes, pvp balancing (rogues, fmages) and dps specs having equal or close to equal dps we get "can people watch pet battles". the more they talk about this stupid expansion the more it turns off. i think they were writing or fielding questions in a prepared these guys are horrible.

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    I was also really disappointed. By the end of it I just got bored and started spamming weird/annoying questions because It wasn't like they were going to get answered anyways I was actually hoping one of my stupid ones would get answered since there was a nice balance of Bash/Zar trolling the Q&A.

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