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    It's does not look that special , Imo, kind of alright with the not getting the 1 year subscription thing. The wings looks very gaudy. They just seem so static overall would have been nice to see them be more "flowing" and they're a bit too long. I do like the horse underneath though.

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    Tyrael's Charger looks like it will be THE most epic priest mount. Ever.

    Kinda wish the wings flapped though; kinda weird how they just do that drifty thing while moving.Awesome mount though

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    I am kinda disappointed it doesn't even seem to attempt to flap it's wings, but it is still very pretty nonetheless, and certainly better than most races "default" mount (looking at you, elekk), so it'll be handy for giving to alts.

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    Am I the only one who sees it was originally called "Space Charger"? Was it going to come out as that initially and they quickly renamed it to Tyrael's Charger, does anyone know the story behind this?

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    I just feel love in, my DK gunna be used more

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beyz View Post
    That destro nerf was definitely uncalled for.... It didn't even sim on par with demo, and only barely with affli on PTR, and yet it's being nerfed?
    I know, WTH? Latest simcraft number using the PTR before this patch (patchwerk-style):
    Demonology: 38213 dps
    Destro: 37486 dps, 1.9% BEHIND demo
    Affli: 37203 dps 2.6% behind demo

    And they nerf the destro mastery? Why, to make sure it's the worse spec?

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    Cataclysm now increases Fire spell damage by 25%, down from 30%.Was that really necessary ? I'd understand if you'd make it %35 or %40. it's not like we're hitting as much as frost mages anyway.Destro need to be redisegned imo since it has some unnecessary talents that we must to give points to them to get the last talent .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nealia °_° View Post
    Is this mount already on the PTR (so like in my mail ) or only in the game files?
    I think it's only in the game files so far, otherwise I don't think Bibi would've needed to use a Modelviewer/Sandbox to make the video he just uploaded.

    Quote Originally Posted by Medanielle View Post
    Tyrael's Charger looks like it will be THE most epic priest mount. Ever.
    Especially while wearing T5 priest gear.
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    Inb4 mage changes (aka never)

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    Mount looks awesome but Legs are distractingly short and the wing animation is pretty lame. Still going to love it though. I think.

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    No don't tell me it runs in the air... nooooooooooooo !

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    This is a nice mount but the legs are not proportionate. They're so stumpy! Other than that, it's nice.

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    Mount looks retarded, the wings are all mechanical and ridiculous looking. The skin is cool, the wings just need tons of love.

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    I love the horse, not a fan of the wings however. As is, i still feel its top3 "horse-like" mounts in the game.
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    Eww, that looks terrible. I know it uses the hippogryph skeleton but it looks like its just wailing it legs around rather than gallloping.

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    You can immediately tell the wings aren't final. Chill

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    The wing animation is probably still under construction, it will look a lot better then. If not, then it's terrible.

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    Is that Mount the final format or can it change before 4.3 goes on live server? As it is right now its legs are too short and the wings are just awkward. The overall design of the Armor on the horse is great tho

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    The main issue people had with the Sparkle pony and Invincible (although so few got Invincible so it never got that big), was the legs being too short when flying/running. When standing still, this mount takes the cake imo as the most epic looking horse in-game.I hope they'll try to make the legs longer and the wings better and the run animation more regal. As it is now, I would not picture this as a horse Tyrael would bounce around on...

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