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    I'm not impressed by the wings. Too big.

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    I don't care what anybody says. This is not Celestial Steed 2.0, because it doesn't yell "I bought pixels with real life money because I can".It yells "I made one year commitment to this game and I love this game, and this is my reward."Haters gonna hate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterHamster View Post
    You can immediately tell the wings aren't final. Chill
    As if Blizzard usually changes things like that when we're that close to the release... lol.

    Better accepting that as the final version than building hope of changes... ppl alread bought the package, so looks like they think the mount is ok in Blizzard's minds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nraktja View Post
    I don't care what anybody says. This is not Celestial Steed 2.0, because it doesn't yell "I bought pixels with real life money because I can".It yells "I made one year commitment to this game and I love this game, and this is my reward."Haters gonna hate.
    Although I agree you are technically buying pixels with real life money when you play this game. It is all just pixels, you just get a LOT more pixels >_> Just sounds like you are a hater on the celestial steed and if you are....

    Quote Originally Posted by Nraktja View Post
    "Haters gonna hate.
    On topic though, I do like how it is looking and am very disappointed with the destruction nerf. Was our damage to high on the PTR with the buff?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuhtian View Post
    They asked what people needed more information about, not what they liked the best. Just because people didn't need more information (especially about something that seems pretty straightforward) doesn't mean they don't care or aren't interested. When they did the second poll directly about the pet battles, 57% of people said there were excited about it or would do it, another 22% said they would probably try it out. Only 21% said they weren't interested or didn't like it.
    Also doesn't mean that they actually enjoy it too.

    Ppl don't care about it soo much, that they don't even care asking about more informantion on it... lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forgottenone View Post
    Although I agree you are technically buying pixels with real life money when you play this game. It is all just pixels, you just get a LOT more pixels >_> Just sounds like you are a hater on the celestial steed and if you are....
    I don't like that they are offering those things by the store and not in game, I bought both since I am a mount collector but I don't hate people who are using them. I'm just referring to the majority what they see them as. I am one of those people who think paying subscription fee shouldn't require you to pay more on in-game items like free to play MMOs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kathranis View Post
    How exactly is Blizzard supposed to control faction balance?

    How can they control which factions people want to play? This is a player-driven problem, not a Blizzard-driven problem.

    The only reasonable solution is to start merging servers.
    That is also the only reasonable solution i can see to solve the whole faction balance issue. I doubt they'd do it anytime soon thou to be completely honest, Just because it'd announce to the world they're losing subs. lol, I bet if someone ever asked that question and forced them to answer they'd say something like "we have something in the world, it'll be out soon" or "it would cost to much dev time" or some bs answer like that lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by Flimsy View Post
    ''We know who the final boss is. Seriously. It's just too epic to share. Yet.'' wooot that sounds promising, I wonder who they have in mind.
    I have no idea, others had some pretty good idea in the thread. But... you know if they made the final boss ghostcrawler.. i think i'd honestly resub, buy the expansion, level the most OP class available at the time, set up a raid and beat it... just to kill him. :P

    Edit; just watched the vid.. My god that mount is horrible.

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    Regarding WoG-BoL interaction change,

    there's a small chance they messed up AGAIN with beacon tooltip and there's no change at all, because patch notes say:

    "Beacon of Light is triggered by Holy Shock, Flash of Light, Divine Light and Light of Dawn at 50% transference and Holy Light at 100% transference. It does not transfer Holy Radiance, Protector of the Innocent or other sources of healing."

    they just don't mention WoG at all, can be an omission.

    Boubouille, you should point out when u write an assumption or a clear statement from blue posts/notes because people start raging maybe for nothing, especially if you write it in blue.

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    can we get the people that want to play pokemon to be required to go to a specific location to do it? I want those people as far away from me as possible when they decide to play pokemon. Like have them click on a sewer grate to be in an instanced location alll their own. keep your gotta catch them all garbage away from me thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Ogdru Jahad View Post
    Except there will never be class only mounts released in the future.
    thats too bad. although paladins and warlocks have mounts noone else can get. I see no problem with class specific mounts. it makes people stand out more. same for each profession should have a mount all their own. BS should be able to make a metal horse or metal mammoth. think mechanical yeti but a BS version. tailors get a mount. why not other professions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Q&A
    Q: Any plans to fix pet stats being too low for a few seconds after spawning? A: We are fixing pets so stats won't lag several seconds after logging in or dismounting in 5.0.
    OMG YES FINALLY. It only took them 5 versions of the game to finally realize and attempt to correct this problem...

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    I hope to GOD this mount actually works on a male draenai -_- since were the biggest characters for the alliance side ive had to deal with retardedly small mounts as none fit them and yet male taurens on the horde side get mounts that scale to their size - ive basically ran around for the past two years using the onyx netherwing drake as my flying mount (dont get me wrong they are my favorite flying mounts) and on the ground mounts ive been using my raven lord (next to the talbuks) as they're the only ones that seem to fix my size >< .

    but about the horse it looks rather beefy like a shire horse and i do hope it keeps its "fatness" but i guess i'll have to wait and see -_- ...

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    That mount looks amazing! I'm sure there will be some minor tweaks on the wings before release

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    Quote Originally Posted by otakuman523 View Post
    I didnt stay on for the whole thing either, when it got to the point where it seemed like they were just picking easy questions that went along with what was revealed at blizzcon I said enough.

    I had a few very interesting questions I would of liked to have seen at least one mentioned.

    basically this:

    hunters lose stat sticks and melee weapon options, what happens to fishing rods and items like finkles skinning knife how do we equip those?

    also losing our stat sticks we lose the strong enchants that we have for them, will hunters see scope and ranged weapon enchants that are on par with melee enchants?

    and of course since we lose our stat sticks and mages get wands as a 1H item will we be able to see a sheathed version of wands, bows, xbows and guns on our character models?
    I recall during Blizzcon, they said that the hunters ranged weapon would now be classed as a 'main hand weapon' so logically it would be most likely that enchants for agi etc will be re-worked so they can be used on bows/guns and/or new scopes will be announced that will give an equivilant enchant.

    As for enchant looks (some people love glowy shit) a glowing bow with bits flying off it could look quite pro

    As for the skinning knife, you'll probably lose the ability to use it (like they said old weapons will not be able to be used for transmog etc).
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    That mount is pathetic. Cant blizzard think of something new? really?

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    Did people actually expect more information then given from Blizzcon? If they had more information they obviously would have given it.

    To me it seemed like a Q&A to clarify on the information that was given at Blizzcon, and for that purpose i found the Q&A satisfying.

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    Nothing really new, people are dumb and ask things that were already answered. The guy on a PvP realm being back stabbed when doing his auctions should have been told that he can turn off PvP in cities even on a PvP realm.

    And most importantly, Blizzard doesn't even dare to guess they are going to release the expansion earlier than "late 2012" so there we have (late) fall release once again.

    And the mount is extremely pathetic... You might want them to make better wings but imagine this horse with real wings, that's even worse.
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    ŏ_ŏ i'm a horse lover personally but that pony is even more heinous and ostentatious than the celestial steed... well placed gregarious frill with a free game? lol it's like blizz is giving death twitches early... /sighrather disheartening..

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    The panda racial questions response was funny to me. Currently primary stat is always >>>>> secondary stats for dps/healing classes (tanks often put secondary stats first because they often don't have a primary stat that is worthwhile to them). I know they like to think that they are the same because they said so but math doesn't agree. Primary stats give multiple increases. Int gives spell power, crit, bigger mana pool that leads to more regen. Agi gives Attack power, crit etc. Secondary stats only give a bonus to whatever that stat is. The nonsense response confirmed to me that they know exactly what they are doing. Trying to extort race changes from min/max raiders that jump to whatever the best racial is. That food buff racial is nothing more than a cash grab.

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    ""Q: How big are the MoP areas going to be in comparison to say Outlands or Northrend? A: The zones themselves are quite large, even bigger when you take into consideration that you will not be able to use your flying mount until level 90. If I was to guess, I would say you could imagine the entire continent feeling like all 5 of the Cataclysm 80-85 zones combined. ""Thats not really huge ? =(((((

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    Wings look a bit odd but I can understand it's not easy to figure out a way to put wings like Tyrael has on a horse.

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