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    Quote Originally Posted by Dustdevil View Post
    End boss will probably be a lead in boss for the Burning Legion xpac. Someone who maybe summons Sageras into Azeroth.
    i made a thread about this and listed all the reasons why i think it will be this

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    Q: How will one get to the continent of Pandaria? A: Players will get to Pandaria via new quests from Orgrimmar and Stormwind. We have tried to make these quests short and sweet to make sure players can into the new continent as fast as possible.
    So they haven't learned anything from every other xpac? We're just going to unleash everyone onto the the new starter zone at once and a) overload it b) have people be maxxed in 24 hours?Why not make it a timed and / or zoned access. In order to gain access to Pandaria you'd have to have a certain rep or have a certain item(s). This would significantly reduce the amount of players in one place and prolong the experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by avelollo View Post
    Calling it, Maiev is the end boss (she had to flee from Darnassus iirc), possibly working with (controlled by) N'zoth.Would also explain where we'll be meeting Illidan again.
    They said epic. Maiev is hardly that important of a character.

    They go for serious major badasses as end villians. The only thing that makes sense at this point is Sargeras, and probably some involvement with Kil'jaeden. The Burning Legion benefits most by having the Horde and Alliance go after each other, since for one reason or another, they've got a hardon for Azeroth.

    (And go ahead, tell me Sargeras is dead... like that's ever stopped Blizzard before)

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    Quote Originally Posted by okka220 View Post
    but it's wings are beautiful.
    Lots of people seem to hate the wings. :O

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    Wow tons of interesting things to talk about in the Q&A and the majority of posts are about a stupid mount? The wow population really has hit rock bottom...

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    Destruction•Cataclysm now increases Fire spell damage by 25%, down from 30%. Nooooooooooooooo! Why blizz? Destro locks finally get some long overdue love and immediately after they get hit with the nerf bat again. Change it back! D:

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    Gotta have the wings.

    Quote Originally Posted by Suikoden View Post
    Lots of people seem to hate the wings. :O
    Without Tyrael-like wings, it wouldn't be Tyrael's Charger.

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    Nice Q&A, but I still wonder about one thing. I'm one of those people that likes to collect old sets of gear. I have every single hunter tier with the exception of T3...and I'm a completionist, so my sets include the matching pieces like belts and boots (for the 5-piece tiers) and cloaks and weapons. Something that concerns me greatly is the announcement that hunters will no longer use melee weapons come MoP (along with getting rid of relics, wands becoming main hand items, etc.). Is this going to mean that the melee weapon slots on the character panel are just going to disappear, or will the slots remain but just not be able to have an item higher than a certain level equipped in them, or will items equipped in those slots just not contribute any stats to a character? I see all three being things that could be done, but the first option is one that would be greatly upsetting if it's what's planned to be implemented. Will I no longer be able to equip and show off the Thunderfury that I spent so much time devotedly farming MC for *years* to finally get? What about melee weapons acquired to go with other sets a player just happens to think looks cool (for example, the star daggers from Ulduar look really cool with the original Priest Dungeon Set 1).

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