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    What now?

    Shadow: Can't seem to top 11-16k DPS single target. What now?

    I recently decided to start focusing on Shadow for my Priest... wanting a toon which is more exclusively for DPSing.

    I have been continually running my Priest through in order to get suggestions on reforging. And yet, I keep on getting in trouble with my DPS. Maybe it is pretty good for BWD/BoT, but not for Firelands. I am also working on my Therazane rep to get the shoulder enchants. (I had set my priest aside for awhile, while making my Paladin (Holy) my Main for raiding)

    I just got myself a new offhand, while I am working on the rep offhand out of Firelands dailies. I also just got my first piece of Tier 12. (my chest item, which I just put on and am about to gem) It has put me WAY over hit-cap, so I am about to reforge yet again. And before I spend another passel of gold to do so, I wanted to seek some advice.

    Please pay special attention to my haste/mastery/etc. Is there something I am doing wrong? One fellow gamer told me that I need to get my haste up to 25-26%. Is that true?

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    Armory Link? Also record and update a WoL for us to look at...

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    Also confirm that you have read and understood the guide on this forum :

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    Get it to 27% haste and get the dark intent buff from a lock, ur fellow gamer was almost right.
    For the rest we do need an armory link.

    I get around 21k dps without dark intent, mind u i hardly dps as shadow as im the Tank healer so im always a bit rusty and not optimal reforged for shadow. But my haste sits on around +26% could reach 30% if i reforge but im not gimping my heal set, key for shadow is utilizing ur trinket proc's/on-use to the fullest extend their duration to maximize ur dps.

    Also for trinkets i dont have super awesome dps trinkets, i use both Avengers of Hyjal rep trinkets which i reforged to haste.
    The Feiry Quintessence on-use is macro'd to my archangel (same cd) as i was never lucky to loot theralion's mirror.

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