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    Interactive Minecraft video!

    This is my first ever attempt at making a good quality youtube video of this size, I hope you all enjoy!

    How to play: make sure you have annotations turned on, read the annotations and follow the storyline, at the end of each video, there will be 1 or 2 choices to choose from to hopefully continue your quest to escape!

    Edit: To get it to fully work, you need to click the 'Watch on youtube' button, or else it wont load the next video.
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    I enjoyed it, wasn't able to get to the end though :[

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    Phil's ID badge was brilliant.

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    Thanks! I'm really happy to see people enjoying it

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    Is there a good end, too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deralte View Post
    Is there a good end, too?
    I tried to make one, why don't you find out?

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    I managed to make every wrong decision, but it was great.

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    is there only one ending?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viglante View Post
    is there only one ending?
    Yep, the title of the video should be story/credits when you reach the end

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    Giving it a go now I'll edit with response.

    Pretty good, I wondered how you would handle the appearance of guards and staff members. Story line seems to take elements from half-life, amnesia and resident evil.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sun-Ra View Post
    Yep, the title of the video should be story/credits when you reach the end
    aw fair enuf i was 1/2 hoping there was some secret lab you could find containing "pills" that you take to "attempt to ease your headache" which ends up actually curing you or like partialy so you are stil a pigman but retain your brain

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