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    [Crimson Stoke] Charr Warband RPPvE Guild.

    We don't know "for sure" if there'll ever be RP servers on GW2, nor do we know how many servers there are, or what their names are. With that aside, I'd like to announce to you guys that I'm going to be putting together a Charr RP guild. The specifics about the guild are listed below.

    Guild Name: Crimson Stoke.
    Server: ???
    RP Style: Militaristic Blood Legion Warband.
    Race Restrictions: Charr only.
    Profession Restrictions: Warrior, Guardian, and Engineer only.
    Dedicated Member Count: Looking for 10-15.

    The focus of the RP is still being elaborated on, and I'd like for your guys' suggestions. Please post any constructive RP philosophies, motives, or anything that might cross your mind. I'm open for questions, too.

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    It's too soon to clutter the forums with recruitment threads. Sometime in the future, we can get a thread going similar to the one in the TOR forums for a guild thread.

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