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    Priest raid healing

    how are disc/holy at raid healing? i think disc can bubble a bunch of ppl but beyond that? replies appreciated
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    disc is mostly PoH spam, with PW:S thrown in to keep rapture going. holy is CoH/PoH/renew/lightwell. both specs use PoM, but its a bit better if you are holy.
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    Holy raidhealing is probably the most fun I've had in this game in a long time. Bouncing ProM, pumping out CoH ad ProH, keeping renews up and yelling out "click the lightwell, click the lightwell!" on Teamspeak. Lovely stuff.
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    With the risk of starting an unintented flamewar, I think disc is slightly stronger than holy at the moment in firelands. Apart from that, for me holy is a lot more fun in PvE and for raidhealing. Holy makes more use of PoM, CoH, PoH, renews, lightwell and ofc Holy Word: Sactuary.

    I once ran as disc in firelands and was quite amazed how strong for example Powerword Barrier is in avoiding raid damage. As Muschi said in previous post, Holy is real fun and more versatile and I will stick with it as long as possible.

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    how are disc/holy at raid healing? i think disc can bubble a bunch of ppl but beyond that? replies appreciated
    disc uses prayer of healing to raid heal. with da changes and repeated raid damage it is an extremely powerful tool.

    blanketing with shields might happen on higher gear level (in 10man hc, out of boredom i sometimes like to bubble one party and spam poh on the other group) but its very personal and often criticized way of healing. discipline poh itself is strong enough to heal the raid (+shield on tank, pom jumping).

    holy has very strong aoe but it usually looks a bit better in 25 man.

    both specs are viable to heal raids.

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    Both specs are great at AoE healing, although Holy tends to be better at healing up AoE damage fast, while Disc wins on pulsing AoE damage due to guaranteed Divine Aegis on PoH, which can cause huge absorbs.

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