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    Can moderators delete accounts?

    Did a quick search and got a whole lot of posts about "deleted threads", "closed threads" and so on. So I decided to make this topic.

    I'm curious as to whether a moderator can delete account. Can they? (the story basically goes -- I'm weary of my screen name so I decided to make a new account... only to come across a thread about mods swapping account names if you ask them nicely and tempt them with cake. To add insult to injury, I also came across a poster who had a slightly different name - but it was still them! Hence my question!)

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    Moderators cannot delete accounts. If you have a very, very good reason for deleting an account, you'd need to PM me or Boubouille explaining the situation.

    If you'd like a name change, just PM me and I'm happy to change it if your desired name is available. Regular mods / super mods don't have the ability to change those.

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