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    Question Any good Diablo lore videos ?

    Hi, I want to get ready for Diablo3, but I didn't play Diablo/Diablo2 before, so...
    I'm looking for Diablo and Diablo2 lore video compilation, similar to warcraft3 Lich King and Illidan lore videos below:

    Rise of the Lich King - Warcraft3

    Illidan Stormrage - Warcraft3

    thank you

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    While I am unable to open those links from work I highly suggest looking up Diablo2 Cinematic videos, they cover lore pretty well. Chances are you have seen 'em already, to my knowledge that is it.

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    There really isn't a whole lot of fan made Lore videos out there, especially when it comes to Machinima.

    Thankfully, or perhaps unfortunately, the lore behind the Diablo universe is pretty slim compared to Warcraft. I suggest reading up on The Sin War and just browse through the links in this case because, as far as I know, you'll be disappointed with your lack of results.

    The videos do a good job with the information you are given, however Diablo 3 will reference a lot of information outside of what we encountered in the previous two titles with various sources.

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    Here's the original Diablo cinematics it's got a all the lore/story, fairly good for it's time too. This is the entire 27 minutes including the into and all act I to act V and the epilogue. Everything the game has to offer lore wise.


    Make some Popcorn =D
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    i found these videos a few months back. bad thing is, the videos only cover lore of pre-diablo and diablo 1 so far.

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    i've compiled some lore from the blizzard lore journal.
    basically, it's the same as on the official website, only in one movie file on youtube.


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    Force made some videos a while ago:


    Edit: oh someone already posted them two post above.

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