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    Having weird problems with my minecraft for no reason

    HI... I have some weird problems with mc on my computer... you see... it laggs pretty hard for no real reason (think it has something to do with it not using enough ram or sumtin)

    Anyways... my system specs are:

    8GB of RAM
    2GB Graphics
    2.3 GHz processor (i5 intel)

    Tell me if you need more info... I would be really happy if someone could halp me fix this issue. It has become quite bothering.

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    Think you need to allocate more memory to MC, there are some youtube guides on how to do it.

    You could also try to fiddle with the video settings in-game, like Advanced OpengGL and Performance options.

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    All Video settings are set to lowest possible... but im trying atm to relocate more memory to it.

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    So I made minecraft run on 2 gb of ram instead 910 Mb, but it doesn't seem to solve my problem... still laggin while opening doors and when redstone circuts start. I don't know what's actually wrong. I have the newest Java aswell.
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    Maybe you are suffering from the infamous lag spike of death (no kidding)

    Try optifine and post your results:


    You will need to install classic and smooth of that. And try reading Modloader tutorials, if you do not know how to install mods

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