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    BF3 Loading Problems

    So, BF3 is out and my friend and I decide to hop in a group and play some multiplayer. When we hit the loading screen, we wait as usual so we can start, but my friend who has the exact same hard drive (Caviar Black) has around 30 seconds less of a loading screen than me. I have yet to even be able to spawn in right when the matches start, it is usually about 20 seconds after everyone else zones in. I know it's not an SSD, but should a Caviar Black really take that long to load the maps?

    Rest of my specs if necessary:
    i5 760 OC to 3.8
    XFX 6850
    Corsair 600W PSU
    Asus p7p55 d-e

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    i got really long loading screens to, no idea what it is. but the loading screens are reeaaaaaaaly long.
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    It is touch and go right now with BF3. My load times in beta were far quicker than what they are now. However a couple of my buddies say that their load times are faster now that we are out of beta. I would love to say it is something on your computer that we can fix but honestly I think it is the server load taking its sweet time to contact y our PC.

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    Well thanks. Guess I'll just put on my big boy pants and suck it up.

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    Takes a shitload of time to load for me aswell. Was almost instant in beta. I'm fine with it though. During a long geek session I have loaded all the maps anyway. Aslong as I don't quit game it's fine. :>

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    The initial loading isn't actually loading, but instead the game connecting to the relevant servers. First one is authentication. You get logged in every time you join a new game. Then you have to wait for the game to connect to the game server. Then, you finally get the game loading. Honestly, it's this damn battlelog crap that's causing all the issues. Half the time my game won't even start up when i go to join a server and i have to manually end the process in task manager. They couldn't be normal and simply give us the option of logging in once, and then having a few seconds connecting to the game server, and a few seconds loading the map. Instead, we get the Facebook of BF3, a silly authentication method, and something that requires us to tab out every time we want to so much as view progress.

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