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    Upcoming 5.0 Talent Change Questions.

    Hello Everyone,

    I know nothing is set in stone yet with these new talents, but from what I've read and come to understand is certain "necessary" talents have automatically been given to priests and I believe the example given was "all priests will have circle of healing".

    Now maybe I understood or read this wrong, but am I to understand there will no longer be any paths to take anymore? Meaning all Priests will have Circle of Healing, Penance, and Shadow Form ? If that is in fact the case how is mastery going to work ?

    Or is there still in fact 3 distinct paths to take except there are no path specific talents to choose from?

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    No, I think a lot of people didn't read the whole quote and misunderstood (he used the example that all HOLY Priests would know Circle of Healing, not ALL Priests). You will still pick a spec at level 10, and learn the "necessary" skills for that spec as you level. If you choose Shadow then as you level you will learn Vampiric Touch, Shadowform, Dispersion, etc; but you will NOT learn Circle of Healing, Penance, etc.

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    Thank you HDPriest, that makes total sense. Thank you for the quick and informative reply.

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    Sure thing, glad to help

    Thread closed on happy good times -- <3 Kel
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