View Poll Results: What Class will you play in swtor?

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  • Sith Warrior

    50 14.01%
  • Imperial Agent

    33 9.24%
  • Trooper

    34 9.52%
  • Smuggler

    25 7.00%
  • Bounty Hunter

    41 11.48%
  • Jedi Knight

    40 11.20%
  • Jedi Consular

    49 13.73%
  • Don't know

    17 4.76%
  • Sith Inquisitor

    68 19.05%
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    Stood in the Fire MmoFanatic's Avatar
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    Swtor Class poll.

    Taken for Swtor Forum.
    Hai i wonder what Class and AC are you going to play first in Swtor and why you are going to play it?

    I my self are going to play a Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer spect into the madness spec
    i'm thinking that will be the closest to a warlock i can come=).

    No trolling plz and if this poll allready exist don't go all crazy on me please.

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    Bloodsail Admiral
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    I'm gonna be a Sith Warrior Marauder, not sure yet what im gonna spec into. Why I am going to play that is cause dual wielding lightsabers is gonna be badass!

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    Bounty Hunter here, gotta have the gadgets/jetpack/flamethrower.

    I feel like being a jedi/sith is just too...standard? i think 90% of people will roll one so im kind of meh about rolling one myself.

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    Pandaren Monk Shamburger's Avatar
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    IA Operative all the way! I am very very sneaky

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    Yeah this topic already exist. That thread is really old though so I would like to see this kept open to see if people have changed their mind.
    I'm going trooper if it's healing mechanics is any fun. If they are not I'm going jedi consular.

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    Powertech Bounty Hunter Tank all the way for me. How could I pass on a jetpacking, flamethrowering, power shielding tank?

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    bounty hunter for sure (if i buy the game) Surprisingly high amount of empire faction characters so far

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    Bounty Hunter Powertech tank

    My SWTOR guild:
    USA West Coast PvP server: The Bastion
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    I hadn't decided, I am going to play it asap, But i haven't been following it like a calling yet enough to know what i'll play as, I also wont rush to level so i might try a few classes before i settle at max level.
    And i'm a alt leveler got one of everything in guildwars, 70+ of everything in wow, etc.

    but likely a jedi, Unless the caster/blaster classes are kickass feeling.
    I used to care that my main has so many 310% mounts, and other rare ground mounts.. But without account wide achievements its worth nothing. :/
    Panda-mon seems to be the latest grab for money, Make sure if you still play your voice is heard if it matters to you, Mine wasn't.
    Legion is doing slightly better than wod, seems like everyone likes rng and unlimited ap boys!

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    Jedi Sentinel dps!

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    Depends on what the other people in my group of friends want to play. Almost every AC is appealing to me and I know I'll have fun regardless of the class choice. I'll be playing with people on both factions. I think all the force classes are going to be very popular so I'll likely start with a Trooper and an IA. But if there are a lot of those in my guild I might go Smuggler and BH.

    If we end up only having 8 slots per server I'll likely have"
    Tank/dps Jedi Guardian
    DPS Sith Marauder
    Tank/dps Jedi Shadow
    Healing Sith Sorcerer
    Tank Trooper
    DPS/healing BH
    DPS Gunslinger
    Healing Operative

    First thing I do on the first day of early access is make all 8 of these. Then focus on one for each side.

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    I'm going Smuggler with my AC being Gunslinger. I like the aesthetic of old west cowboy with a mix of sci-fi.

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    South Carolina
    I'm going to be running Sith Warrior, Juggernaut. Specced into the Vengeance tree for dpsing.
    Krael, Sith Council of Untold Prophecy

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    No idea.

    At first I wanted to play a Consular, but now I'm looking at others (especially since my guild wants to go Empire. Sadface).

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    This is so hard for me to choose.. but going Sith Inquisitor but cant decide on healing or shooting lightning bolts.. I have to see how healing is before i decide.

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    Lisbon, Portugal
    Smugler gunslinguer all the way. Why? I play rogue on wow. Rogue+Gunslinguer= Thief, wich will be my class on GW2
    Or perhaps Scoundrel if its funnier.
    And if i want to play empire, perhaps bounty hunter or imperial agent.

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    Not sure if I'm going to play the game but if I do.... I will probably continue off of the Kotor series and start off as a jedi consular.

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    I am playing an Imperial Agent Operative Medic. I plan to slaughter any who oppose me. Well i intend to heal everyone around me up and let them slaughter any who oppose me.
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    Wherever there are gnomes that havent been eaten yet.
    Trooper Gunnery Commando
    Arsenal Mercenary Bounty Hunter
    Scrapper Scoundrel Smuggler
    Engineering Sniper Agent

    Non-force users ftw.
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    Woah. 2/3 of respondents who picked an option aside from "don't know" went for Empire so far...

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