View Poll Results: What Class will you play in swtor?

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  • Sith Warrior

    50 14.01%
  • Imperial Agent

    33 9.24%
  • Trooper

    34 9.52%
  • Smuggler

    25 7.00%
  • Bounty Hunter

    41 11.48%
  • Jedi Knight

    40 11.20%
  • Jedi Consular

    49 13.73%
  • Don't know

    17 4.76%
  • Sith Inquisitor

    68 19.05%
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    Pureblood Sith inquisitor assassin.
    Quote Originally Posted by Will View Post
    Woah. 2/3 of respondents who picked an option aside from "don't know" went for Empire so far...
    worth nothing with 63 voters

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrimsonKing View Post
    I'm going Smuggler with my AC being Gunslinger. I like the aesthetic of old west cowboy with a mix of sci-fi.
    Gonna name your character Malcolm Reynolds?

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    I'll be playing a Sith Warrior with my brother, who wants to play a sith. But I'll be spending the rest of my time as a light-side agent/spy working for an evil corporation/empire. very own SWTOR version of Burn Notice.

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    I'll be going Consular Shadow for my first toon and definately going to level a Smuggler Gunslinger. once I get them both to level cap i'll decide which I like the feel of more to make my main. Kinda have to go Republic since that's where all my friends are going. /sadface

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    Quote Originally Posted by JSStryker View Post
    Gonna name your character Malcolm Reynolds?
    Nope. I try to avoid making names based off of already established characters as much as I possibly can.

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    Sith Warrior Juggernaut. Loves me some Darth Bane.

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    Either Inquisitor Assassin or Bounty Hunter Powertech.

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    Smuggler, Gunslinger advanced class. The whole cowboy vibe looks cool.

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    IA Operative, Medic.

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    Still undecided between Sentinel, Sage and Commando. I'll probably keep on switching between those until after launch. Bioware did a great job designing the classes and the armor sets, to me they're equally awesome.

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    trooper all the way baby

    the sig says it all. Cannons Blazzing Mortars flying. Gonna go Commando Assault Spec i want BIGGER splosions

    while lveling the trooper i will also be doing a BH for the rockets and dual blasters. Dead or Alive dont matter to me as long as you got the credits

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merrena View Post
    Sith Warrior Juggernaut. Loves me some Darth Bane.
    Bane was more a Sith Alchimist not a juggie although with that obralisk armor he was BADASS
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    I'm torn between 2 classes actually, but for the sake of the poll voted Imperial Agent. My other choice is Sith Warrior. Both classes look interesting, based on what little information I can find.

    When everything is said and done, odds are that I'll play, at least 1 of each class, but stick to 1 or 2 toons like I do now in WoW.

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    Too many Siths and Bounty Hunters.


    Your last sentence/word was totally unneeded.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alanni View Post
    I'm gonna be a Sith Warrior Marauder, not sure yet what im gonna spec into. Why I am going to play that is cause dual wielding lightsabers is gonna be badass!
    same here

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    Shadow consular tank, and infiltration in case tanking doesn't pan out in pvp, hopefully it will though. Playing a tank who can soak up damage wearing cloth with a double bladed saber and stealth is just so win.

    MainTankasin - Consular/Inquisitor Tanking

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    I'm astonished at all these polls sometimes. Smuggler always comes in dead last. I guess there just isn't enough old people like me who actually saw Han Solo in theaters to actually want to be that guy.

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    Powertech Bounty Hunter. Was planning on going Mercenary, but my friends needed a tank, so why not try out ranged tanking?

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    going smuggler, gonna swipe my EBT all over the galaxy foodchains

    EBT, EBT, I just swipe my EBT, my EBT, my EBT, I just swipe my EBT

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    Either Sith Sorcerer or Bounty Hunter. Bounty Hunters look so tight.
    Quote Originally Posted by Princess Kenny View Post
    Avocado is a tropical fruit , south seas expansion confirmed.

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