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    2nd class/faction list/poll

    The poll thread got me thinking about why people are choosing what they are soo.

    post your main in wow.. class/faction then post what it will be in swtor and why for both.


    started out vanilla hunter went warrior .. went shaman and back to warrior.
    alliance only because all my friends rolled ally otherwise i would of gone horde. (go figure)


    Bounty Hunter mecenary (dps) sith side oviously.

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    I have had many many mains in wow. I had like almost one of every 85 before I stopped. Although for sure there are two that really felt to me like my mains.

    Shadowpriest through BC and then from then on A druid. I did everything on that guy. SO for ToR going with a Imperial Agent Operative Medic. Mainly I feel will be one of the less played healers so why not.

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    I'd play a Smuggler/Imperial Agent except it seems pretty obvious that the cover system will butcher them in PvP, likely rendering them obsolete.

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    I started off as a Warlock in WoW, then switched up to a Death Knight to tank for my guild. Currently still playing my Death Knight until 12/20. Both Horde.

    In SW:ToR I will be a Trooper, Commando more specifically. I've always preferred Ranged classes to melee, and I like big guns. The Trooper to me is everything I want to play and then some from what I have read and seen. Will be playing Republic in SW:ToR, obviously, because that's where the majority of my guild want to go. GM seems to think the "Alliance" kids in WoW will be playing Empire in SW:ToR. Personally, it doesn't matter to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Northy View Post
    I'd play a Smuggler/Imperial Agent except it seems pretty obvious that the cover system will butcher them in PvP, likely rendering them obsolete.
    I'm not quite sure why a defensive mechanic with few to no downsides would render a class useless. Perhaps play the game first before making snap decisions?

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    When i started WoW around when naxx was ending in wotlk, i started to play a warrior. I played that up till the middle of Cata when BoT, bwd, and tot4w were the current tier raids. After that i got super super bored of warriors i started playing a ret and prot paladin. When SWTOR comes out, ive becided to go with a sith marauder for my main (which pretty much resembles a warrior in WoW) plus i was a fury warrior in wow, and a sith marauder being a dual wielding class like a fury warrior, it kinda fits together. Not to mention ive always been a "up in your face bout to pwn your face from your face" kinda melee guy.

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    My main in WoW was a rogue as horde.

    My main in SWTOR will most likely be a Sith Warrior Marauder!

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    WoW = Arcane Mage
    SWTOR = SI Lightning Sorcerer

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    I've played all classes to 85 but 3 classes I played the most was a rogue(main), warrior and a hunter.
    The 3 most interesting classes for me in SWTOR at the moment are Sith Marauder(will be my main), Trooper Commando and BH Mercenary.
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    In WoW:
    Beta - Night Elf Hunter
    Vanilla - Mage, switched to Priest mid way through BWL, got to 4HM in Naxx and progression halted, switched to pally and changed guild, Stuck with the pally ever since as Prot.

    In TOR:
    Trooper Vanguard Tank
    Jedi Knight Guardian Tank
    Bounty Hunter - not sure which AC or anything yet, I just want to play it for the fun.
    I'll also get a Consular Sage Healer.

    Most likely the Trooper will be my main, but I'm undecided quite frankly between the Guardian and the Vanguard, mostly because shooting a gun in melee just seems weird, and I guess that's what will be happening a lot when any melee enemies are involved.

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    Well as I've said in other polls about which character class I'm going to be playing, I'll be playing as a smuggler and going gunslinger. I like the old west gunslinger feel mixed with the Sci-Fi goodness of Star Wars. Plus the smuggler in the Return trailer really got me excited to play as one. Also I've been on a Dark Tower binge for quite awhile now and Roland Deschain has become one of my favorite characters in any novel, a gunslinger in SWTOR makes me think of what it would be like if Roland could be in the Star Wars universe.

    Going for a rather pure range class is going to be out of the norm for me, in WoW I always gravitated more towards the melee classes especially warrior and death knight. As for faction in both WoW and SWTOR I have and will be playing on both sides. While the smuggler will be my first and most likely favorite class I do plan on making multiple other characters on both factions.

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    WOW - Started as a Nelf Prot Warrior till AQ patch then Rolled Nelf Hunter been my main ever since.

    SWTOR - Jedi Knight Sentinal haven't decided on Twi'lek or Human

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    Every time I watch those cinematics I get goosebumps, they're amazingly well made.

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    WoW= My original main was my rogue
    SWTOR= Sith tankassin

    i like being not seen

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    On launch day started a Night Elf Priest (Didn't know the troubles I was in for.) Was my main all the way through BC, LK, and Cata, until I quit 9 months ago.

    Going to play a Jedi Guardian Tank at launch.

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    In WoW my first main was a NE Hunter. Then when Shamans were open to Alliance and Enhancement became somewhat viable I rolled a Shaman. I really liked the focus on melee with spells intertwined here and there that Enhancement provided. I also played a Worgen Feral Druid for the little bit that I played Cata, further confirming that I prefer melee to ranged; I like being in someones face when I kill them.

    Therefore, I will be rolling JK Sentinel because I like the dual wield melee with the Force mixed in. I also prefer to play the "good" faction.

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    In retail:
    Human holy paladin from vanilla untill the end of wotlk
    Undead warlock in tbc for a while (my friends went horde)
    Nelf warrior tank from late tbc to the end of wotlk

    Now on a private vanilla realm:
    Troll resto/enha shaman and Undead warrior tank

    In swtor I'm going to be shadow consular tank and possibly try out healing as a trooper. Might take a look at the empire storyline after a while to be able to visit the planets and cities etc, but my main is never going to be empire.
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    i have been an enhance shammy since vanilla (yay windfury lol pvp)(and also i was offspec heals as soon as duel spec came out, and was probably healing more then dpsing for a big chunk of that time, but in my soul i was enhance :P) the only thing that really changed over the years was my race out of boredom, started as tauren, then went troll, then goblin when they came out.
    in SWTOR i will be playing a IA healer, in both pvp and pve, as far as i kn ow rattataki can be IA's so thats my race me thinks. should be grand cant wait =]

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    Horde Mage here, will play SI Sorcerer (healer).

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