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    Had a Horde BM Hunter main in TBC but switched to Alliance Resto shaman in BT and never went back since.

    Now in SWTOR, my main will be a Corruption SI
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    horde dk on WoW (used to be pally) Jugg sith on SWTOR

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    a Mage in WoW and I'm not to sure about SW:TOR.I'm an alt kinda guy really so I try out mostly everything really anyway.

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    WoW: Orc BM Huntard, I like naming my pets.

    SWTOR: Zabrak Commando Trooper, Demolitions! Click, click, BOOM!!!

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    My favorite class/spec in WoW is feral druid. I like the idea of the druid class in general, but never healed because I just do not like HoTs. I liked being able to fill any role if needed and love the shape-shifting.

    With that in mind, Consular looks pretty cool. I like hybrids. I will likely play a few classes before picking one to 50, but if consular gives me that feral druid feel it will be what I stick to.

    Been going back and forth between trooper too. Only playing it will help me decide.
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    WOW vanilla : NE Warr

    SWTOR : Mirilian Smuggler (gunslinger)

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    WOW Vanilla: Human Warrior (Off tank)
    BC: Bloodelf Rogue (Combat)
    Wrath: Dranei Paladin (Holy/Tank)
    Cata: Troll Druid (Resto)

    SWTOR Main: Jedi Seer
    Second: Something Smuggler
    Third: Jedi Knight Tank
    Fourth: Jedi Shadow

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    Night Elf hunter

    Human Jedi Sentinel

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    Night Elf Hunter - pew pew
    Night Elf/Worgen Druid - tank

    Chiss Bounty Hunter Powertech - tank
    Undecided Sith Sorcerer - healing

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    Alliance Draenei Hunter, going to be a Jedi Knight (so, Republic).

    I guess I should mention my alts are all tanks, so guess what my Jedi Knight will be.

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    DK tank - Horde. Started in tbc and was exactly level 55 when Woltk hit us and obviously rolled a dk and am too fond of it to not play as my main, and tanking is fun.

    Swtor- None, not sure will I even try it. Prolly will though.

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    Horde Undead Warrior at Launch...went Tauren DK because I liked mechanics later on.

    Going Republic Vanguard or Shadow. I want to tank, and I want something with mechanics that remind me of the DK. So far, I like the ranged options that a Vanguard gives me. Reminds me of a DK a lot...including ammo regen and rune regen.

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    WoW - Mage, Horde. Before WoW I played FFXI as a healer, and I didn't want to get sucked into only playing heals again, so I went pure DPS (much to the disappointment of my tank friend who came over to WoW with me).

    ToR - Jedi Consular, Sage - because my tank friend has been harassing me to play heals ever since we left FFXI lol

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    Tauren resto drood --> Jedi consular healer, since they will also be the best healers for raiding:P, although im abit underwelmed at the races in tor, all human looking with either green/blue/red skin

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    human paladin -> something bounty hunter/merc

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    Troll Resto druid

    Imperial Agent Medic

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    intering responses. thanks for some of this feedback. friends are worried the kiddy alliance crowd is going sith but i love bh combat so much i have to play that class as my main. i mean .. ROCKET LAUNCHERS AND JETPACKS AND FLAME THROWERS TO SET PEOPLE ON FIRE.. What's not to like about it?? I'd give a 2nd look to the trooper but in comparison by what i've seen in released videos commandos just don't seem to stack up to bh for me.

    i don't think anyone could change my mind about troopers without breaking eula at the moment or myself getting in final stress test beta (i was in weekend group so probably won't happen)

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    I am really interested in the "why" part of this thread.

    WoW - Nelf Rogue in Vanilla, Played both Alliance and Horde on my DPS Warrior from Wotlk onwards. My choice for a Rogue came from how powerful they seemed in PvP and seeing a Rogue in the full Shadowcraft set pretty much sealed the deal. My choice to reroll in Wotlk was literally made on how fun Warriors were to play yet how poweful they were at the same time, it also rekindled my love of raiding for a while too.

    In SWTOR I find myself not thinking too much about endgame but instead considering a class with a story that appeals to me that I can customize my own way, from there I am torn between Bounty Hunter or Imperial agent, my brother will be playing with me (something I am looking forward to) and will no doubt be playing a Sith so it will be cool to see two completely different classes develop into high level characters.

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    I rolled a human Paladin at WoW's release on a PvE server because I wanted to a Paladin. Then my brother started playing a month later and we rolled Horde on a PvP server, no reason for Horde really. I rolled a Warrior and he a Mage. I leveled the Warrior to 58, quit the Warrior because leveling a Warrior back then sucked so I switched to Undead Rogue for PvP'ing. Then once TBC came out, I rolled a Belf Paladin and played him until I quit last March.

    In ToR, I'm going to play Empire because I want to know more about the Dark Side. I will be rolling a Sith Inquisitor because I have done the melee classes and want to change it up. I'm probably not going to heal because my Paladin was Holy since TBC.

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    Taurent ret paladin
    Undead shadowpriest

    Zabrak SI assasin
    Smthing BH Mercenary

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