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    topic links from mainsite...why jump to last post?

    seriously i don't get it. if i click on a topic title that looks interesting, why in the world would i want to skip to viewing a post that quite likely means absolutely nothing to me because i have no context.

    every time i click a topic i have to jump back to the first page because i generally like to know what's being discussed in the thread before viewing posts that might not even be in response to the OP.

    maybe its some kind of scheme to get more page clicks or keep people on the site longer. or maybe its some limitation in the software used, i don't know. whatever it is though, it's annoying.

    also, i realize it's "recent forum posts" so by that title alone, it would entail that it links to the most recent post, but it still doesn't really make sense. i'd be more interested in a "most recently commented on" selection

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    As far as I'm aware, the link should point to the first unread post if you're logged in - if you aren't logged in, it points to the last post of the thread (since it can't know which parts you read).
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    What Treeston said. If you're logged in, it'll take you to your first unread post (beginning of the thread, if you've never looked at it). If you're not, it always takes you to the post which caused it to be listed in the recent posts list (= most recent post in the thread).

    It's one of the best reasons for being logged in while browsing the forums.

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