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    [H] <Entropy> 10-man 6/7HM LFM H-Rag + DS-HMs to come

    Entropy Horde Frostmourne
    Hey there. After our first raid back together within a couple of hours we were already up to the Firelord in heroic difficulty and now are requiring your help slaying him!!!

    We are currently in need of the following classes..

    1 x Tank. Must also have a DPS set that is as good as the tanking set if not better. (Any class)
    1 x Healer. (Any class)
    1 x DPS. (Any class)

    All applications will be read and exceptional players regardless of current guild needs should always apply!
    Our raid times are Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday/Monday starting 7PM AEST and finishing between 11PM and 12AM.
    To apply please go to entropywow.com

    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me in game on either Foom/Spiff/Itdowntmater or alternatively send me a PM via these forums.
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