Gardian is a friendly, relaxed guild residing on Frostmourne US (Oceanic).

We're running two 10m raid groups at the moment - Team Guard (1/7 HM), and Team Iron (7/7). Many of our members are active PvPers and we actively run older PvE content throughout the week.

Team Guard raids Wednesday and Sunday from 9pm SVT (+10 GMT).
Team Iron raids Thursday and Sunday from 7:30pm SVT (+10 GMT).

Mature applicants with a good sense of humour will be preferred over ragers and those with short attention spans, regardless of experience.

Currently recruiting:

- one Arcane Mage for core 1 (Team Guard) - preferably (but not necessarily) with 7/7 experience and 365+ ilvl

- casual raiders and levellers

- skilled and friendly players of all classes and specs for 4.3 + expansion into 25m

Contact ilam via these forums or in-game for more information.