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  1. #181 hot are there females? and did they take out like 90% of us 1st?
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    Well, let's see here: Do they look similar to humans? As in Human-like appearances, if they look exactly like us, Height, age-progression, gender, but with different skin color / Slight changes to anatomy: Blood Elf Ears, Cat-like pupils, then I can somewhat relate to them and then could possibly think about joining them. If they look absolutely different: Sizes, dog heads, etc. Then it'll be much more difficult to get me on their side.

    If they are an "Honorable" race, then no, what would make them think anything about me if shiat hits the fan, they would turn me back over in a heartbeat. After all, I betrayed my own race, what is to stop me from doing the same to them? If they are lax about such things, sure. Possibly.

    What are their plans? DO they want to nom all of Earth's resources? Do they just want to live on our planet due to another alien race wiping out theirs? Will they be enslaving humanity? The answers to these questions as well as others would all have an effect as to whose side I would join.

    Do I really care about humanity as a whole? Hell to the no, but I care greatly for several of my friends and would rather die than betray them. Now, if all of said friends felt the same as me and also leaned more towards joining the Aliens, then I'll join in a heartbeat.

    However, I likely would more or less take a neutral approach, not hide in the closet, not fight the aliens, not join up with them. But almost act as if nothing out of the ordinary was occurring, I would likely be a second-class citizen of the new society that might be established if they didn't enslave humanity, thus I think that my life would almost be the same, only following different laws established by aliens / the people out for themselves who joined with the aliens.

    TL/DR: It heavily depends, but I for one, will likely join our new Alien Overlords. (I know it has been used already)
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    If they would/could come here, be sure as hell their weapons would make our weapons look primitive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrLordDariusCrowley View Post
    If i joined the aliens I would either end up as a slave or a pet.
    i agree with you
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