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    Rather have a glyph for old mind flay skin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by checking facts View Post
    I'll not use it on any of my toons. and this is why:

    lorewise the shadowform is supposed to be you turning into shadow energy, like a shadow ascendant:

    it's not supposed to be something that makes you a little darker. it's supposed to turn you into a non-corporeal mass of evilness.

    no me gusta
    This is exactly why I'm torn about the glyph. I'm really excited to get to see my mounts but probably won't use it because it'll feel like I'm losing this piece of lore that, I think, sets the shadow priest apart from any other class and spec.

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    Personally, I wont use this glyph, i like my shadow form when im shadow (main spec disc).
    The whole shadow transparent energy is what makes the class cool imo.

    I often just walk around SW in shadowform, or just queue HC's as dps because shadow is awesome.

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    I doubt I'll use this, I'm happy with it as is.

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    It's a good addition even though i doubt i'll use it. It gives people an option, which is always good.

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    Look at all these sissies

    Just go and roll a warlock and gtfo.

    Glyph of Shadow my ass.

    80 Kingslayer Shadow Priest - Spirestone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jinko View Post
    Rather have a glyph for old mind flay skin.
    That would be very cool.

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    Yah I kinda prefer the darker look. Waste of a glyph to me. But I can see why people might want the effect.

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    for those who might say that blizz stop wasting time on those kind of stuff, i wanna say that before XD!
    btw, as a developer myself.. it took them about 1h do to it, not more then that for sure, its just a shader change with 2-3line of code to implement it...

    on the topic, i like it i dont have a priest but its a good change for those who wanna use it !
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    Ill only be using it cause my most of my mounts look horrible with shadowform on.

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    I love my Rusted drake in shadow.
    Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Direshadow View Post
    Look at all these sissies

    Just go and roll a warlock and gtfo.

    Glyph of Shadow my ass.
    Noone coudl've said it more clearly.

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    Finally people will stop running over me on Heroic Baleroc and passing Tormented to the tiny gnome-shaped blob of darkness.

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    Good example of the glyph for those interested

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plaguemaw View Post
    Hey guys, so the new form has just been revealed and most of us kinda expected it to be a rather "lighter" version of the standard shadow form.
    Anyhow i hoped it would'nt be but instead a new interresting look. What do you think about the new glyph? Personally i think its great altho i
    innerly hoped for a reskin :E
    The entire point of the glyph was not to ruin the point of transmogrification for shadowpriests due to part of the spec flavour.
    While you could argue the same for druids in anything but caster form, but unfortunatly that is not something likely to be resolved.
    Toning down the effect of shadowform was rather easier, and if anything better than a reskin which would have been counterproductive towards the reason for the glyph in the first place.

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    Even though I don't play a priest, I got rally frustrated with Spriests running around and not being able to see their gear without inspecting them.

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    Variety is good! The glyph is not for my taste though i like my current shadowform.

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    dont care what my character looks like, wont use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by birdmanx151 View Post
    Good example of the glyph for those interested

    thanks for the vid
    will most deffinitly be using it with my transmog gear
    Priest? What do you mean i'm a priest?
    I have dots, a pet and i can turn into a dark purple form with wings, i'm obviously a warlock!

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    Yea actually that vid kind of changed my mind about it some. I had thought I wouldn't use it at all, but now I think I'll give it a try.

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