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    I've had rubberbanding in almost every mmo that I've played. Aion was particularly bad for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandraudiga View Post
    Mmm... I have lived in both Canada and Australia, and spent time in a few more, and i've never come across this. Everywhere i've been its been .'s for dollars/cents, and ,'s between each three digits in the dollars section. So 1.19 for one dollar and nineteen cents, and 19,000 for nineteen thousand.

    I believe I found the original posters comment with a google search:

    Third post down, where it is claimed that a night elf female is the highest poly count in Wow with 19,000 polygons(with a ,). They referenced a sourceforge wiki to back up this claim, but the link is dead.

    I personally doubt the female night elf models, or any player model, are this high myself. I would tend to side more with harjkuns estimate of 150-200.
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    You would probably never see 300 players in one spot in WvWvW. Because the map is going to be so big and have different objectives scattered across for different sized groups all the way down to things a single player could pull off. You'll probably see 90-110 players in one spot at the most, of course it's a random value but basically you won't see the entire World you're up against in one spot.
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    Well Malthurius. Depending on the match I wouldn't be surprised if at times you'll have assaults on places taking place by all three sides each bringing 100-200 people into the frey for the key position of winning on the last day. One side defending the other two attacking both wanting it for themselves.
    While other smaller assaults go down on the sidelines.

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    Normaly you'd be right malthurius but you forget that groups tend to develop a pack mentality after a particular point. If a somewhat largeish battle runs on for very long there is a good chance of more people showing up either by just wandering by or being called over by friends. If there is a large persistant objective to fight over the hairball of players will just get biger and biger till one side wins, and then likely the looseing side will show up shortly to try and take it back. either way once a large pack forms up they are likely to swarm to the next target asumeing there is an obvious next target. On servers that tend to be larger and be more popular for WvWvW I could easily see battles for a central castle growing positivly huge just between two sides not even counting the possibility of the third faction throwing their hat into the ring trying to weakin both sides and finish off the survivor.

    Heck I remember seeing rather epic clashes in wintersgrasp in wow were both sides had 3+ full raid groups. Thats 240 people right there although those battles tended to cause northrend to crash. So yes if there's a major objective it wont be hard to see 300+ in one area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mif View Post
    The rendering of polygons doesn't effect the server. So if that's you're concern, it's not a technical issue, it's a buy a better computer issue.

    However, I'm guessing you mean server lag. The reason it exists in Wow is that when player 1 hits player 2, player 3 has to calculate it, even though it didn't involve him. Go stand in SW/Org during peak and switch your combat log to view all, and watch the amount of crap fly past that has nothing to do with you. As if it wasn't bad enough for you, the poor server has to calculate everything everybody does relative to everyone else. It's simply poor engine design by Blizzard due to the fact the Wow uses an old modified Warcraft 3 engine.

    Funnily enough, the man who coded the Warcraft 3 engine is a chap by the name of Mike O'Brien, who also happens to be one of the founders of a company called ArenaNet, who are currently making a game called Guild Wars 2. If I were to make a guess, I suspect the Mike learnt from his experience with Blizzard engines and filed it under "what not to do".
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    Seriously.. this is what I've been trying to say to everyone around me who has so much doubt in GW2 compared to WoW don't forget guys, that game is almost 7 years old now.

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