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    [Megathread] Planetside 2

    Planetside 2

    *Information is still quite scarce on Planetside 2, will update whenever I can. Please be aware that everything in these posts is subject to change*

    Planetside 2 Official Site

    Planetside Universe: A fantastic site for up to date Planetside Information.

    Facebook Page:

    Planetside 2 Trailer

    Alpha Footage of Planetside 2! Now in HD.

    What is Planetside 2? Planetside 2 is a MMOFPS (Massive Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter) that is set to release in 2012. Planetside 2 is being Published by Sony Online entertainment. The main story for Planetside 2 has yet to be revealed, though the main goal of this game revolves around two key points; Resource and Base control for the planet Auraxis. Players will use Infantry, Armor and Aircraft to decimate the opposition for control of Auraxis. It has been stated that every single inch of the battlefield will have resources, making the entire battlefield contestable and valuable (Current map size has been stated to be 8x8 km). Currently, the population per battlefield is unlike anything we've ever seen, we are talking about thousands of soldiers per battlefield. It has already been stated that Planetside 2 will indeed be Free to Play and will have a similar cash shop on the lines of League of Legends. It will also have a premium account feature which is similar to a WoW subscription model per month. There are three main factions in Planetside 2. The Terran Republic (TR), The New Conglomerate (NC) and The Vanu Sovereignty (VS)

    The Empires:[/CENTER]

    The Terran Republic:The Terran Republic is one of three Empires waging war on Auraxis. According to the back-story, it is the original government entity from which the New Conglomerate and Vanu Sovereignty split. The Terran Republic was a very authoritarian government, but it brought a new era of peace to earth, though it sacrificed the many freedoms of its people to keep that peace. On the battlefield, the Terran Republic's prime philosophy is to hit their enemies with as much ordinance as possible in a short amount of time. Each individual shot does not do as much damage as an equivalent New Conglomerate weapon, but the sheer amount of shots that they can generate more than makes up for it.

    Terran Republic vehicles expand on this "more is better" philosophy by usually having two gunner positions while the equivalent Vanu Sovereignty and New Conglomerate vehicles only have one gunner.

    The special ability of the Terran Republic MAX units is their ability to "lock down." While this makes the MAX unit immobile and limits its field of fire, it drastically improves the rate of fire each MAX can produce.

    The New Conglomerate
    : The New Conglomerate is one of three Empires waging war on Auraxis. The New Conglomerate is a loose federation of freedom fighters who rebelled against the Terran Republics "Oppressive ways". The basic philosophy of the New Conglomerate is to hit the enemy hard and stay in the battle for long duration's. The New Conglomerate uses whatever resources it has available to it. The special ability of the New Conglomerate MAXes is their Shield, providing a greater degree of protection over their standard armor.

    The Vanu Sovereignty: The Vanu Sovereignty is one of three Empires waging war on Auraxis. Of the three, the Vanu Sovereignty has most embraced the technology of the Ancients. Most of their infantry weapons use Energy Cells instead of conventional rounds. This allows for many Vanu weapons to have very little bullet drop, however their damage drops off quicker the longer the distance the target is. All of the Vanu Sovereignty's empire-specific weapons launch energy instead of projectiles. These energy weapons cannot go through water like conventional projectiles.

    The Vanu Sovereignty's other distinguishing characteristic is mobility. They boast the only vehicles that boast MagLev propulsion systems. By not using wheels, their vehicles can strafe side-to-side and can also travel over water. The special ability of the Vanu Sovereignty MAXes is their Jump Jets, allowing these units to jump over walls and other barriers.

    The name Vanu is taken from the original name for the Ancients to show their undying faith.


    In Planetside 2 there will be 6 Classes:

    Light Assault: The Light Assault’s extreme mobility is their defining trait and allows them to move faster than most other soldiers. Each one of the Light Assault’s various Jumpjet configurations grants them the ability to take on different obstacles, shifting their role in combat. The Standard Jumpjets allow them to make their way over barriers and enemy’s heads alike. They can also equip more specialized configurations, such as the high boost Icarus Jumpjets, to reach walled objectives and perched Infiltrators, or the hovering Glider Jets, to descend on vulnerable ground targets safely.

    The Light Assault also excels at supporting their empire through their unique class grenades. The blinding Flash grenades can render entire squads helpless and allow for a momentary break in defenses. They also have access to Smoke grenades, which can be used to block sniper alleys and direct the flow of combat. Both of the Light Assault’s class explosives are important in allowing their empire to make the final push in capturing difficult objectives.

    Heavy Assault: The class that can take the most damage, it has damage dampening shields that reduce the power of incoming rounds, resulting in the Heavy assault taking reduced damage and being able to fight longer. Currently the Heavy Assault is the main class with Anti Vehicle weaponry.

    Infiltrator: Wearing a suit of high tech armor, the Infiltrator may turn invisible and breach enemy lines, causing chaos behind enemy lines. In addition there are many possible configurations of this class, if you want to hide in the lush forests of Auraxis and pick off enemy soldiers from a distance you can with your sniper. Or if you prefer to infiltrate the enemy lines and wreak havoc in their base, sabotaging vehicles and taking down key enemy infrastructure you can.

    A Terran infiltrator with custom Pistol.

    Medic: The sole provider of healing in the battlefield. The Medic keeps his or her soldiers alive and healthy. Not much info released yet about medic. Currently a few ideas for the medic have been discussed, such as a healing grenade that revives team mates in a certain area.

    ATerran medic with friendly infiltrators.

    Engineer: Able to repair vehicles, while also being key in pushing assaults. Engineers will be able to plant mines in battle, and are able to also deploy gun positions. Through a few twitter chats it seems as if the Engineers will also be heavy demolition specialists, if they choose so. Able to bring the the heavy explosives to the battles. Some new information was shared about the gun positions; engineers will be able to deploy manned gun turrets in the field, allowing for the setup of defense positions. Not to mention they have heavy anti vehicle mines that are extremely effective against enemy armor.

    MAX: A heavily armored suit. Able to equip Anti Air, Anti Infantry or Anti Vehicle weapons. Each of the MAX suits also has a special ability. The Terran Republic MAX can lock itself down, remaining immobile but drastically increasing their firepower. The New Conglomerate MAX unit may activate a personal shield, though it shuts down once the user starts to fire their weapons, but will come back up after they cease fire. The Vanu Sovereignty MAX unit has not had it's abilities divulged yet.

    A Terran Republic Max Suit.

    A New Conglomerate Max Suit

    A Vanu Sovereignty Max Suit

    You are not bound to one class once you log into the game. Think of TF2, you can easily swap in and out of classes as you please, however Planetside 2 will have a leveling system where you spend points in the "trees" you want. You can put all your points into being a medic, or or you can spend points evenly throughout all your choices and be a jack of all trades. Leveling is vaguely similar to EVE where you level offline, however; when you're offline you level slower than you would if you were online. This is not to say someone can make an account and just remain offline for a few months and come in with all the good unlocks and gear. As you progress in game you gain Battle Ranks, certain items require a certain Battle Rank to use.

    Bases: Bases are going to be a key point in Planetside 2 to control. Bases in the old Planetside gave certain aspects such as advanced weaponry and vehicles and faster respawns. There are going to be a wide variety of bases in Planetside 2 with each giving their own unique properties to the battle. Not only that, but these bases will provide a staging area and a last line of defense against invading enemies. An example is a picture of a bio-lab below. Now not only will you have soldiers and vehicles defending your bases, there are a variety of base turrets that can be used to repel invaders. Below are the turrets that we currently know of and all of these turrets need to be manned by a player. No automated turrets. Though, in future builds after PS2 is released the Developers have hinted at possible outfit bases, so in the future you might be able to have your outfit construct its own personal base.

    Outfits: Not much has been said about Outfits yet, but what has been said is very interesting. Outfits are like Guilds in Warcraft, but the most interesting thing about them so far is the customization they bring. Outfits will be able to customize their armor in a way that people will recognize, or fear them in the battlefield by their appearance alone.

    The second interesting topic about Outfits is that in Planetside 2 they plan to have a system where outfits can own certain defenses and bases. Essentially, the areas resources would go to your outfit. Giving you incentive to fight and defend your outposts from invaders. With the number of players in the battlefield this would be quite interesting. Having your outfit of say 30-40 men holding against an onslaught of enemies numbering anywhere from your size, to hundreds will make for some seriously intense fighting, especially for outfits controlling the most precious resources.

    Currently, Planetside 2 has two unique vehicles per faction, though this is subject to change once the game comes out. On top of the Faction specific vehicles, there are a variety of support vehicles that any faction can acquire. Right now each faction has one unique aircraft and one unique tank. The current plan for tanks is for the driver to man the main cannon and the secondary gun to be able to choose between Anti Air/Armor/Infantry weapons. There are many vehicles that empires share, but each of the empire specific vehicles reflect the Empires general philosophy. An example of a common vehicle that empires share would be the Liberator. The Liberator is a 2 manned gunship that can be flown by any of the three factions.

    An example of a Terran Republic Mosquito UI. Notice on the top right how mission objectives come up? Players as well as SOE Staff will be able to assign missions in-game. Giving the battles even more depth.

    The Liberator: The Liberator is an armored gunship capable of wreaking havoc on ground forces. The primary weapon on the Liberator is a downward facing gun emplacement operated by a passenger. This emplacement has several different options such as an armor devastating 150mm cannon or a shredding 30mm Gatling gun. The pilot also operates a fixed forward nose cannon. While less effective than the primary weapon, the pilots weapon can engage from a farther distance and both weapons used in conjunction can be even more devastating. While it has medium armor the Liberator is slow and particularly vulnerable to enemy air superiority fighters.

    A New Conglomerate Liberator

    The Quad Bike: Nanite Systems was once a small company with a singular focus on Nanotechnology. With advances in technology allowing their nanites to do everything from mining to manufacturing Nanite Systems has become the single largest of Auraxis’ civilian corporations. Rather than siding with any one of the three empires battling for control of the planet, Nanite Systems provides services, weapons and vehicles to each equally.

    A Terran Republic Quad bike.

    The Sunderer: The Sunderer is a massive 12 man armored truck designed to break through or "sunder" an enemy’s defensive line and deliver troops safely to a strategic location behind enemy lines. Its heavy armor allows the Sunderer to withstand large amounts of focused enemy fire giving it a much longer life expectancy. Its powerful engine and heavy mass also allows it to push almost any other vehicle out of its way, including tanks. Finally, the Sunderer has several support capabilities supplying medical supplies to troops and ammo to troops and vehicles.

    A group of New Conglomerate soldiers surrounding a Sunderer.

    The Galaxy: The Galaxy is truly a sight to behold. It is a heavily armored air transport that can fly into enemy air space and drop up to 12 soldiers, making this vehicle an invaluable strategic asset. The Galaxy is equipped with the innovative "Hot Drop" system which automatically encapsulates any soldier or MAX unit that bails out with a protective barrier that slows their fall. This system removes the bulkiness and complications of using parachutes. The Galaxy can also be deployed into a forward base when landed. When deployed, respawn tubes and equipment terminals become active, creating a forward staging and fall back point for infantry. Additionally, the four weapon systems on the Galaxy can still be operated while deployed, giving it some static defenses.

    A New Conglomerate Galaxy flying over a base.

    Terran Republic: The Terran's two vehicles are the Mosquito and the Prowler. The Mosquito is a single seated attack aircraft that can be customized to deal with any situation. It may be equipped with Air to Air missiles or Rocket Pods for Air to Ground attacks, it automatically comes with a mini-gun, which is located at the nose. Out of all three factions, this Aircraft has the fastest top speed.

    A Terran Republic Mosquito

    A formation of Terran Republic prowlers.

    The Prowler is a 2 man tank with dual 100mm cannons and a exchangeable variety of weapons for the gunner, ranging from Anti-Air to Dual Chainguns. This tank again shows the Terran Republics ideal that more firepower is better.

    New Conglomerate: The New Conglomerates two vehicles are the Reaver and the Vanguard. The Reaver is a single seated aircraft, like the Mosquito. It will have the same system of interchangeable ordnance of air to air or air to ground weaponry. The Vanguard is a two seated tank with a heavy 150 mm main cannon, while using a twin 20mm machine gun as its secondary method of dealing death. These vehicles have the most firepower per shot, however, they have some of the slowest fire rates.

    New Conglomerate Vanguard's exploring a canyon at night.

    A New Conglomerate Reaver covering friendly forces.

    Vanu Sovereignty: Of all the factions in Planetside 2, little information has been released about the Vanu. The two unique vehicles for the Vanu are the Scythe and the Magrider. The Scythe is the Vanu Sovereignty's strike craft and unlike it's opponents aircraft is based on a "UFO" style of flight, the scythe is the most maneuverable and agile of all three aircraft. Magriders are armed with a Heavy Rail Beam, capable of pinpoint accuracy when firing. The pilot of the Magrider controls the Pulsed Particle Accelerator, which is a rapid firing plasma cannon. The Unique ability of the Magrider is the ability to hover off the ground, allowing it float over water.

    A Vanu Sovereignty Magrider escorted by a soldier.

    Vanu Sovereignty Scythe's on patrol

    The Battlefield:
    Planetside 2 will take place on the world of Auraxis, which is broken into many separate continents. At launch their will supposedly be only one continent available, though continents in Planetside 2 have been stated to be 8x8km. While some may think that 8x8 isn't that big, in Planetside 2, every single inch of land will be contestable. From Bases to open fields, there will be fighting for it all. While there may be only one continent at launch, it will not be just deserts or snow throughout the whole battlefield. Each continent has several different biospheres, so one battle you'll be fighting in the muggy jungles, the next you'll be surrounded by snow capped mountains. A few examples of the different environments are pictured below.

    In addition to the continent itself, there will be a day/night cycle, weather system, and even volumetric clouds. These will not just be for cosmetic effect either, weather can change the flow of battle, such as dust storms reducing field of vision. Even the volumetric clouds can be used to a pilots advantage, pilots will be able to hide their aircraft in the clouds and lie in wait for unsuspecting prey, then pounce on their enemies from the clouds. These are just a few examples of how weather will influence battles. In a recent post, I believe it was stated that the Day/night cycle would be on a 2 hour rotation in game, so the climate and atmosphere is constantly changing. One hour you'll be assaulting a base with the blistering sun in your face, the next you'll be with a squad of good friends, flashlights on as you and 200 men assault a heavily defended base.

    Some very exciting news, Planetside 2 is being featured in the April 2012 issue of PC gamer and will be giving away a Beta key in each hard copy magazine. Beta is expected to be coming by early to late march.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JustintimeSS View Post
    But it's apparently going to be F2P!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustintimeSS View Post
    This, this, this. I loved the first, I hope the second is good, too. I would rather them make it subscription based and use my money to make an even better game >_>

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    Quote Originally Posted by edgecrusherO0 View Post
    But it's apparently going to be F2P!
    point me to the in game store then!

    I loved PS originally. It was way ahead of its time and I dumped plenty of hours into it. Oh the shear scale of war going on in the first game, I can only image the second.

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    In game store has been confirmed. Though they have stated they will not sell power. Any items in the store can be unlocked through game play. None of those special items that give you extra damage if you buy them. Which I completely agree with.

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    With John Smedley's obsession with freemium models, It could be going freemium. But, who knows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wombinator04 View Post
    With John Smedley's obsession with freemium models, It could be going freemium. But, who knows.
    He already stated that it will be "some form of free-to-play", likely a similar model to what their current F2P games have, but with a slightly more sensible cash shop.

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    My most anticipated game without a doubt, fell in love with the first one and its still my most enjoyable MMO experience to date. No BFR's, hurray .

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    Updated with Vehicle and Outfit section. Currently working on the battlefield and in-game environments.

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    Nice write up.
    Xíle - Ruthless - Frostmourne

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    Cant wait this game. Had good time in Planetside when it was most active.

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    Re-written and updated a good amount of Info. More info coming in this week! Stay tuned.

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    Shameless bump. Added lots of new Info, adding more as we speak. Game is still looking sexy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drdigit View Post
    Shameless bump. Added lots of new Info, adding more as we speak. Game is still looking sexy!
    Cheers dude, loving the look of the new pics. Looking forward to seeing the new Prowler, wont be too many (if any) changes hopefully.

    The little wheel on the Lib is brilliant.

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    Yeah same here, Terran for life. Definitely interested in seeing it. They did post a sort of teaser picture:

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    Updated information and new video showcasing some first footage of ingame engine. Enjoy!

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    <3 I recommend this game to ANY FPS player out there.

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    I used to love PS1...then they brought in the walker vehicle things and it kinda went a bit tits up! Hope Sony keep it together this time and don't ruin it for us! I even played the 'predecessor' to it called Infantry for a few years! (yes I realise they probably had nothing in common to each other but SOE in most peoples opinion but I like to think they were!)

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    btw I <3 that dell keyboard, too bad i broke one of the legs on mine and couldn't stand trying to find something of the same height all the time so i replaced it

    always wanted to try PS but never did, will have to try out PS2 if it is f2p

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