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Thread: The role poll

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevanSparda View Post
    For God's sake. Please DO NOT start to make too many polls.The SWTOR website have polls for everyone and their moms there...
    This is all we can really do with this damned NDA still up. Would much prefer to talk about the game's finer details, but that ain't happening here or anywhere really that I have seen. The leak sites are crappy in my experience and you have to search them high and low for anything decent. It would be nice to at least discuss specs

    I am very interested to play the tank and healer role in this game.

    I have always loved being the focus of fire and setting the pace. I really enjoyed tanking in WoW before 3.0, back when threat was just as important as mitigation. Not a fan at all of AoE tanking that has become WoW. I hope TOR brings back the challenge to scenarios. I want a real challenge outside of operations. Oh ya, pvp tanking too, so can't wait to see that.

    From what I have seen so far, healers play a more dynamic role than simply spamming one or two heals. They also have the ability to kill if needed. I also like the idea of healing with guns and can't wait to try that as well.

    I think that people in general do not dislike the roles of tank and healer, but these roles have always had issues because it is hard to balance number of tanks needed in raids and the fact that healing was not appealing enough in pve. Some people just love doing either of them and always will, but others, like myself, like the roles but not how they have been handled in the past.

    Hopefully people will want to fill those roles first and DPS as a fallback. That would be awesome! If we have people settling for DPS, then we have a good problem. I have only met a handful of players that simply did not want to DPS.
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    Hmmm DPs shortage? Too many tanks?
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    I'm going to try my hand at Scoundrel healing.

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    DPS is what I always do, and maybe a healing spec down the road.

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    Gonna be mainly a tank in the game with some dps on the side. Probably gonna heal too on my alt

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    Main sith warrior juggernaut tank, for the first alt probably a BH healer

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    After the IA video, Im going Operative.

    I expect this to change atleast trice before the launch : P
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    I have never played a healer in any MMO ever. It is just something I do not find interesting. I might pick it up on SWTOR once I see how it is and if it is indeed fun and if it lets you DPS while healing. I live to DPS. It is just something I excel at. I have tanked a lot too in the past but on TOR I'm looking to tank with a Trooper or a BH since tanking with a ranged weapon intrigues me to no end.
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    DPS for me. Id like to try a healer but not enough to actually do it.

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    Powertech Bounty Hunter tank all the way! Played a rogue for 6 years and want to do something completely different. Love bounty hunters and I also absolutely love the idea of a pvp viable tank so that made the decision really easy for me.

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    I'll be playing a healer as per usual .

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevanSparda View Post
    For God's sake. Please DO NOT start to make too many polls.The SWTOR website have polls for everyone and their moms there...
    We should make a poll to see if people want more polls.

    OT: Rolling tank. Not bothering with healer till macros make it into the game. (gotta have my mouseover macros!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevanSparda View Post
    For God's sake. Please DO NOT start to make too many polls.The SWTOR website have polls for everyone and their moms there...
    But I like clicking on buttons!!!!!

    That said, I will mostly be going Sage dps, however I think I may be rolling some sort of healer down the road. Not too far downt he road mind you :P
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    Going IA DPS (haven't decided whether to go Sniper or Operative) then I'll make a BH or Trooper and go healer or tank depending on my experience with those roles.
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    Haven't decided if my Sith Assassin will DPS or tank yet...leaning towards DPS

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    Sith Marauder here, I'm a sucker for a badass melee dps. What's better than a lightsaber? Two lightsaber's.

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    I'll be playing a Trooper Vanguard with tank as my primary role.

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    Went with Healzor. I've recently got a taste for it in WoW.

    Although on an aesthetic level, something feels very wrong about a Sith Inquisitor standing at the back spamming Healing spells.

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    First toon, Bounty Hunter Mercenery healer,
    Second Sith Warrior Juggernaut, dps,
    Third Imperial Agent Sniper

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