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    Cool So I'm creating this story and..

    I'm nearly finished, I can't give any details on this story, but I'v been given very strict and sound feedback, and to my
    own surprise its been very great feedback, now I'm wondering if by chance any of you would happen to know where I
    would be able to take such story to get it looked at and possibly published, I don't need a local area, I'm willing to go
    anywhere to get this story looked at by any company, of course I must rule out any child's book publishers, because this is a very Dramatic/Horror story, with very vivid detail that would not be reasonable for a child to read.

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    If you are serious about getting published, you need an agent to represent you. No major publishing company will even look at your manuscript without one. They are swamped with unsolicited works, so they need some way to vet them and an agent is their first stop.

    There is a reason why so many people now are getting self-published, but be wary, some places will offer to publish for you, but you must foot the bill and then you get loaded with the books with no followup on marketing them.

    Do a lot of research, read up on how to publish yourself and don't go with your first Google search. See if you can find a published writer to give you some tips and hopefully recommendations and referrals.

    Good luck.

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    thanks for the quick tip Troodi I will keep in mind what you have said, and I'v done a bit of research about self publishing, it seems reasonable and you gave me a good insight on what not to do when the books are published without marketing, I'll look for an agent, and see where this road takes me

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