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My 2 cents is this.
Rule changes have happened in other games and nothing really changed.
It's gonna be the same for this game.

I get where you are coming from I really do. But I think you are worrying about nothing personally. Admittedly they seem a bit vague but still I don't think anything bad is going to come out of them. And even if they do they will have to be taking note of the feedback and could potentially adjust them accordingly.
Considering that the trend is downsizing of CM/CR staff I pretty much expect the same as you do.
The few GMs we have will probably be busy with real cases that warrant their attention.

Thinking about it, it is possible they formulated the rules this vaguely as a shock approach.
Psychologically speaking, formulating the rules at 150% and only taking action on 80% will still net more subdued player behavior that stating 100% and acting upon 100%.

Personally I am not worried for me because I never even managed to get banned in their forums, so I must be doing sth. right.

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fake outrage mongers
I'm calmly sitting here, reading.... pulse is steady.
Most these rules elicited were a few eyerolls/raised eyebrows and I chuckled at the "intentional disconnect" rule.

If that classifies as outrage in this day and age, then yup: consider my old fart rear end "guilty as charged".