No Clue is a solid and experienced group of players who take a fun and mature approach to raiding end-game content.

We raid Wed, Thu and Sun 8:30 - 11:00 ST (10 mans), and ask only that you are punctual, let us know about absences in advance and are knowledgeable about the fights (and, of course, don't stand in the bad).

(bere would also be most upset if i didn't mention that emos & trade junkies need not apply)

We are now looking for 2 dps, both skilled and geared. We'd love to get a shaman on board, but will consider any solid, geared players. We like to run a small team with minimal benching, so players with viable offspecs (esp. heals) will be given preference.

Contact Pomm, Beregron or Mishkaa ingame to come on a trial run.

some background, shamelessly stolen from some warrior:
Quote Originally Posted by Beregron
Anyone that has been on Khaz for a while (and isnt a useless troll) will know <No Clue> to be a quality guild full of quality players. While we may raid a little less than most progressing guilds we still progress though content and have a fairly high expectation of all our members.

Without listing all previous achievements we cleared all WotLK content fairly fast and stopped raiding at 5 or 6/12 H ICC when we took a break till Cata (pre nerfs). We aquired all Drakes from Uld pre major nerfs (cause the place was so damn cool) and aquired all Legendary Weapons (Mace/Smourne) when the content was still current.

So far in cata we have cleared 12/12 pre 4.2 with a few hard modes also pre 4.2. We have had to rebuild 10 man teams since Cata launched which hurt our progression early but since FL dropped we are 7/7 & 2/7H and raiding reliably Wed, Thus and Sun 8:30ST - 11ST.

So, if you are geared for the content and keen to raid hit up Pomm, Mishka, Pyodic or myself in game. We don't use the guild website anymore (we are more casual these days) Also we are not big on drama/emo so if you are a trade hero or just a general wanker save your time and look elsewhere.