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    Question Need to make shadow OS - advice needed


    I'm generally healer in my guild, and I've never dps'ed with my char (heroics, raids, even while levelling), but yesterday friend asked my to make dps OS, because some fights we'll try on lesser amount of healers. So:


    This is my char, enchanted, gemmed and reforged for disco pve heal. I need advice, what can I do, to prepare to eventually dpsing in raids. I don't need to make sick dps, something like 18k is enough... Of course, if it's possible.

    I'm already reading topics about rotations and gonna test it on dolls.

    I have Shadow T12 pants won in BH CR, and enough valors to buy gloves, so I will hit 2 set bonus, but is it better than having 391, but heal pants?

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    Read the stickied guide on top of the priest forums everything you want to know is in there from rotation to gemming.
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    skipping archangel for silence/fear reduction is madness!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stickyjam View Post
    skipping archangel for silence/fear reduction is madness!
    Well if he needs the silence for interrupts on Aly than it makes sense to go into it. But you should not sacrifice the points out of Archangel. There was a thread tooling around somewhere discussing the best places to drop points from for silence... I'll see if I can dig it up.

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    Found it Priest PvE Silence Build.

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