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    The Use Of...

    What's the use of these Go Get It Achievement Threads. I just wondered.

    Half or more of the people participating in the post, just give out an assignment, wait for someone else to give them one, then don't do it.

    So what's the use xD?

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    If you dont understand the purpose dont participate, and please dont make post about it.

    The purpose is too obvious, think you know it but just want to moan about it.
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    You participate becouse it's fun. Of course you should complete the achievement given to you - Provided they're not just messing around. I wouldn't, for example, go farm The Insane just becouse someone told me to. But if they said "Start doing Ogri'la dailys" I would.

    It's honestly quite fun, and then you can check back once you've completed it for a new assignment!

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