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    Quote Originally Posted by jearle View Post
    The male SIs actors voice does not go with a large bulky character.

    I would tell everyone to listen to the voice of their toon when they create it. I made a huge bulked out SI and had to change it due to the voice not matching the toon in my head.
    Bulked out SI? To me that doesn't seem to fit the SI concept and wait, we can actualy listen to the voices of our character during creation? Or do we have to create the character, log in, watch the intro cinematic, have a screen messed up with addons and THEN check the voice? :P

    Quote Originally Posted by philefluxx View Post
    A lot of times they will even cut out portions to release with an expansion instead of launch simply to get a lead time in our high demand society.
    Or to sell you what was supposed to be in the first product in a 2nd product instead so you have to buy both to get that feature :P

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    I'm sure you can listen to the voice a bit during creation. Also, there are no addons at launch, so that step of screen being messed up with them can be skipped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trollsbane View Post
    I'm sure you can listen to the voice a bit during creation. Also, there are no addons at launch, so that step of screen being messed up with them can be skipped.
    Yeah I know about the no addons part but felt like posting that up since during WoW I had several moments where that happened (not to listen to voice but to check other stuff) and then having to log back out again because it wasn't what I wanted anyway

    PS: and ofcourse during those moments the loading screen just took forever
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    When you choose whether male or female you hear the voice of your toon. I would reccomend clicking it several times to get a good idea.

    I wanted an assassin tank toon so bulky didnt seem too far off. Was an awesome looking Zabrak. Voice did not fit however and it bothered me, lol. The female SI however might be the way i go, i have never played a female toon, but i might in this case.

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    Voice acting is not like TV or film acting, You are given a sheet with the lines, the way you are supposed to say them (in cartoons/movies they'll play the scene) and you record it a few times. You don't have to spend time rehearsing the look on your face, or getting the lighting right, all the other stuff that goes into making a live action scene. You could get through huge quantities of lines in a day.

    Remember the video from poster on the codexes. They say there's about 200k words of lore, that a big book. It doesn't take long to record a single audiobook, even less if each actor only has a portion of it to do. Marketing people will exaggerate how long or how much work went into getting full voice overs, but in reality the thing that has only ever restricted the use of full voice in computer games, has been the space it takes up on disc. Now with Blue-ray and digital downloads where people are happy DLing 20-30 gig of gamefiles (assuming you get to DL before launch) You can bloat out the game as much as you want.

    The use of voice acting will definitely not slow the release of expansions. The expacs/patches will spend more time in beta testing than they will on voice recording, never mind other forms of development (artwork, design, programming).

    Also, unless it's a blockbuster movie, actors are cheaper than you think. Especially if the job is short, can all be done in a studio, it can be done at the same time, or during a lull of other, onscreen, work. Remember, of highest priority to an actor, is for them to be working, on anything.

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    all the content that will be released in launch is roughly 70% of whats been made already including the VO according to
    Daniel Erickson, they need to stay atleast 3 steps ahead to keep the endgame fairly fresh with patched updates & new

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sangomah View Post
    If I know Bioware correctly, they are already recording voices for further stuff. It doesnt take too much production time and its cheaper to have voice actors for longer peridos of time, than constantly calling them in every now and then
    Indeed, I'm sure that onace they had those voice actors in the chairs they had them create a lot of stock recordings. BW is pretty used to working with voice actors, and I'm sure they have a good system for it.

    That being said, it may slow down the process just a bit since alot would be going into an expansion I would imagine.
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    I remember watching something saying that all the cast have several year contracts and that they write most of the story several months before work actually starts on that section of the game, so I don't think there will be a problem with the VO.

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    I'm thinking expansions and patches won't be a problem. The game has taken so long to release because they were building it ALL from the ground-up. Once they have their ground work firmly in place, building and adding on will be much easier. At least, that's my take.
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    I believe they recently stated that they are already working on the next expansion right now. So just like Blizzard, they seem to have different tiers of teams that are handling various projects at different steps.

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    When I saw that David Hayter had the voice for the Jedi Knight, I was laik "OH EM GEE, SOlid Snake as a Jedi!!!" *Jizz in pants*. I will have to make a jedi knight alt now just for that

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    Voice Actors are on contracts to keep voice acting well after release.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sangomah View Post
    When I saw that David Hayter had the voice for the Jedi Knight, I was laik "OH EM GEE, SOlid Snake as a Jedi!!!" *Jizz in pants*. I will have to make a jedi knight alt now just for that
    He doesn't use the same voice though.

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    SWToR is an MMO, that is based on fully voice acted, quest text. The rest is WoW in space but mostly (99.9%) on planets.

    This is where my doubt starts.

    I saw a similar system in Earth and Beyond before EA snarfed up Westwood. It was great but not needed and looked very resource heavy. They literally had a person do the news, depending on what we as players, did during that day. It could be seen on monitors at any landing point and I enjoyed listening to it while farming the terminal for missions. This was the first thing EA eliminated when they took over EnB.

    Any fellow EnB players, that enjoy sci-fi/space MMOs, will look at EA in this light.

    The light of sunset...

    Actually, now that I think about this a bit. Since EA still owns EnB, if they melded that space game with the very 'WoWlike' ground game, it could be tremendous.

    Still on the fence.

    But tell me this wouldn't blend perfectly:


    This was WoW in space, before WoW and in a good way.

    So miss this game. Feel free to look at the comments on this video at Youtube...
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