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    Monitor Suggestions

    I am going to build a new gaming pc, I more or less know what I am gonna get for most of the components.

    Are there any suggestions for lcd monitors that anyone can provide? Anandtech forum had a good list of LCDs (which is now gone, it hasn't been updated since 2009 september) - I had bought Asus VK246H then (24" 1920x1080 2ms response time $200~ - you can see it on newegg (can't post links), which was an average LCD suitable for gaming. I am looking to have a dual monitor setup, my initial idea was to get the one more of the same monitor but it seems kind of old now and apparently it is discontinued.

    Any suggestions along this level of a monitor?

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    I thought someone would have strong opinions about LCDs and stuff? What are people using currently for their gaming rigs?
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