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    If you buy the game, the first month is free. Don't know about free trials, i'm gonna say there'll be free trials but i have no idea when they'll have it, maybe months to a year after launch? idk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nihilim View Post
    I doubt there will be a trial anytime soon. First month will be free, though.
    Well, at least I can try it out without playing monthly. The beta would be better seeing as it's free, but I doubt Bioware will send out anymore keys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarahstrasza View Post
    Not a fan of star wars... Don't really see myself converting. Regardless of if I am offered cookies or not. Unless they have a color changing light saber.. and pigtails.. Then I will debate it.

    BUT it's a good thing I don't have to pay for diablo, let me tell you what! I'm going to play the PEANUTS out of that game, [email protected]
    You can change the color of the light sabers. However, I'm not sure if you mean a light saber that continually changes colors while in use, e.g. blinks from red to green to purple to blue etc.; that they don't have.

    I suppose you could consider Twi'lek's head tails, Lekku, to be pigtail-ish.

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    will be playing SWTOR for the first month, will also try 4.3 when it hits, and decide from there, probably will play swtor till gw2 or MOP hit, and then another decision to make
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    Will def give it a go for the free month then ill think about it. I got hands on wigh MoP and it was pretty fun. All ive seen are videos of TOR so I cant really judge. Whats funny is my friend is in the Beta and says its amazing and I replied wiith it looks like WoW in space and he says no you have to get hands on and proceeds to say MoP looks gay and pandas and monks are stupid and I respond with did you get hands on with them? He says no just the videos look stu....damn ill shut up then. Lol in conclusion dont yet judge till you experience it first hand.

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    I'll definitely be dual-subbing. As much as I'm looking forward to being a panda that plays with her Pokemon though, most of my time will probably be spent in SWTOR.

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    No Im done with WoW, SWTOR is next up for me.
    Im quite sad about it to be hones but the game has taken to many wrong turns for my taste.
    Quote Originally Posted by bizzy View Post
    yeh but lava is just very hot water

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    Play nice please
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nihilim View Post
    It's just one of those posts, that you don't wanna read up.
    Everybody's dumb, everybody sucks.
    You don't really know why but you want to justify rippin' someone's head off.
    No human contact, it's the internet, your brain is on contract.
    Your best bet is to stay away motherfucker.

    It's just one of those posts!!
    Dude, that was fucking awesome. Limp Bizkit parody post ftw.

    Anyways, I just canceled my WoW account recently actually. I can't at the moment see resubbing to WoW while I'm playing TOR. I might check out MoP on my friends account when that gets here...but even then I'm pretty sure I'm going to just stay with TOR.
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    I've been done with WoW for about a year now, and unlike the other times I've quit, I feel no urge to come back.

    As for other MMOs, I'll be playing Swtor and GW2 at the same time. I'll be spending most of my PvE time in Swtor, and most of my PvP time in GW2. I'm more of a PvP guy, so I suppose I'll be playing GW2 the most, but you never know.

    Also, what's with all the people invading the thread to trashtalk ToR? Some people say if you don't like something, stay away. I disagree, but assert that if you don't like something, explain why logically. If your logic comes down "It sucks" or "I have a bad feeling about it", then you shouldn't discuss it.
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    Merry ol' England.

    I don't trust Bioware and the gutting Mythic studio, they might get my attention when all the rumors are laid to rest and the team shows it has a better direction than the Dragon Age and Mass Effecy studios.

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    I'll be unsubing from WoW soon, only staying on at this point to try and fill a couple equipment slots with upgrades. I cannot justify two subs and I'm getting tired of WoW as it is. It doesn't help that my guilds raiding schedule is changing (again) and MoP is too much of a joke to take seriously. As such I'll be throwing myself completely into SWTOR when it comes out.

    12/20 CANNOT get here soon enough, I'm getting sooooo excited for this game!! BETA INVITE PLEASE!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Fiend View Post

    I don't trust Bioware and the gutting Mythic studio, they might get my attention when all the rumors are laid to rest and the team shows it has a better direction than the Dragon Age and Mass Effecy studios.
    Honestly, will you stop posting here? You come to these forums solely to be negative.

    In other news - I do hope people would stop saying the 1st month is free. It isn't free - you pay a minimum 60 bucks for it (Unless someone gifts the game to you.)

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    I'll only be paying $30 on occasion and yeah that will be because both of WoW and SWTOR. Basically I'll only be subbed up for WoW long enough to reach level cap and will possibly sign up for a month here and there to participate in any special events I wish to be apart of, but WoW will no longer get my money on a consistent basis.

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    Nope. Already quit WoW several months ago and haven't looked back or even missed it.

    I currently plan on getting a 90-day paid subscription card for x-mas, and then another for my b-day, so I'll have 6 months of free play (to me anyways), 7 if you count the free month after release.

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    I have had enough of wow, played since launch, and now i only play to pvp with my wife. She's talking about ending her sub so i will too. Focus on TOR for the forseeable future, and take a look at GW2 and TL2.

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    Ya, I'll be subbed to both (as long as finances allow). Although I don't imagine I'll get much WoW time in during the first month or 2 of release

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    No way i was gonna re-sub to WoW after playing the first 2-3 month of cataclysm, with Mist of the Carebear Island its just confirmed i will never touch that crap. :X

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    I will still be subbed for Dragon Soul progression, anything after that though is up to Blizzard and how they run Mist of Pandaria.

    Also I have to anyway since I want "Free" D3

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    i wont be, and its not even because of MoP. Burst and Burst alone is why i hate wow, i enjoyed tbc because you werent bursted down in 2 globals by any random class. Wrath early on wasnt so bad, but it steadily got worse with gear so much i stopped playing any sort of PvP. With Cata they said they would reduce burst/make is less through inflating hp ...they didnt it got even worse.

    Theres no point tripling healthpools if you going to quadruple dps at the same time.

    anyway rant over I will be playing Swtor and Gw2 along side each other though, and hopefully with CS:GO aswel if its any good.

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