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    Well I've a got year commitment to WoW and a completely paid off copy of swtor so yea i'll be playing them both...and Diablo III....and Skyrim......and Mass Effect 3....I'm in trouble =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reah View Post
    Well I've a got year commitment to WoW and a completely paid off copy of swtor so yea i'll be playing them both...and Diablo III....and Skyrim......and Mass Effect 3....I'm in trouble =P
    Game overload....reactor will explode in T minus 10 seconds... evacuate immediately...
    - Looks like they took him to some bolt hole in the Wounded Coast.
    - I wonder if it's near the Injured Cliffs? Or the Limping Hills? Massive-Head-Trauma-Bay? No? Just me? *sigh* Forget I said anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weep View Post
    I'll be dividing time between SWTOR and possibly GW2..with that equation heavily weighted toward SWTOR.

    WoW had it's run, but these days Blizzard is like an artist that doesn't know when to quit painting so it ends up just one big blob of hot mess.
    Liked the analogy so quoted it! But yeah this is basically it. I quit WoW like 4 months ago and its all SWTOR with some experimenting in GW2 for me!

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    I'll only be playing SWTOR, quit WoW 2 weeks ago. After 6 years of a fantasy MMORPG I'm ready for a change to sci-fi. Plus I can't handle two big games like that at once, I'm too much of a completionist.

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    I am only planning on paying one monthly fee, hopefully TOR will be good enough to take my money away from Blizzard.

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    Picking up BF today, so looking like it will be that and TOR, but only doing the one game with a montly sub. Was between BF3 and Skyrm, but i like the multiplayer teamwork games better then the single player stuff.
    Even though Skyrm looks like it will be fun as hell.

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    I'll be dual subbed as well. Also gonna be playing GW2 when that comes out. And D3.

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    I won't dual sub as I am extremely bored with WoW now after having played it since release. Will probably be playing both TOR and GW2

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    Not enough time, and I can't justify spending the money for a game I won't bother to play. I can't say I'll never pick up WoW again, but with everything coming out, it looks unlikely. Especially with GW2 being no sub. If I were to add another MMO, it would be that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rotted View Post
    one month on one month off for me, im going to play TOR purley because I want to find out what happened with revan etc but if its anything like KoTOR then it will have me hooked but again ive invested so much time in my character im just not going to let him sit there collecting dust

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    Also what my guild have done is, organised a guild for TOR with the same name as our present guild

    OOH! sorry... can't say anything due to the nda, but...sorry.

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    Nah got uni work to do so I'll only subscribe to one and it'll be SWOR, Blizzard's actions as of late have kind of pissed me off and MOP just looks... looks so bloody stupid on so many stories and their move to sacrifice story for instant gratification was the deathknell for me and Bioware have never ever annoyed me DA2 was kind of a drag but the characters were great so I can forgive.

    Basically if it was a toss up between the 3 greatest developers making an MMO well my old trilogy was Bioware, Rockstar and Blizzard I'd always pick Bio and Rockstar for my singleplayer experience. I just feel Blizzard sacrificed themselves totally for money and lost their way. Sad day in gaming history but oh well

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    I unsubbed from WoW about 2 months ago...just so Im not MMO'd-out when SWTOR is released...I'm hyped as hell for it! HURRY 12/20!

    but...if it flops (Which I sincerely doubt)...I may return to see MoP because Ive been pushing for pandaren since BC.
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    SWTOR and GW2, pay a single subscription, play two MMOs which make WoW a once-great-but-now-clearly-outdated game. A win-win situation, really...

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    I wont have time to play 2 MMORPG's, money is no factor for me. I already quit WOW a month after Cata because I was bored, mostly due to the fact that all my old friends and guildies had left. So I will play SWTOR and hope it's a lot of fun. I'm quite sure I will check out WOW for a bit when the new expansion hits because the monk class seems nice. But it will depend on how much time I need for SWTOR.

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