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    Guild Website Banner

    I'm creating a website for a new guild website and we want a new banner, because the old one was awful.

    If anyone would like to throw together a nice looking banner, it would be greatly appreciated!!

    The guild name is Mortality, and we are a US guild on Arthas.

    Thanks again!

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    Hi there,
    I have recently become the webmaster for my Wow Alliance Guild and am hoping someone more skillfull tan me can help by creating an awesome website banner for me?

    I have taken the guide off the front page and updated to reflect what im hoping for.

    Size: 1065 Width x 200 thick
    Visible text: Guild name is "FireDragons"
    Logo: No Logo
    General colour scheme: Either Fire based colours or a blue fire kind of colour range
    Specifics: As were called firedragons, I would ideally like there to be a dragon logo or a dragon breathing fire or flying with wings spread wide. I have the image of a dragons body floating in the middle of the banner and the wings spreading out to the width of the banner with a light source behind him so you see his sillouette? and the guild name in the bottom corner.

    Just want something that looks cool and when ppl see it they know they are in the right place.

    Hope someone can help

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    I'm surprised you'd necro this really old thread instead of using the one just linked above.

    Please use that thread. Closing this.

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