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    Do SPriest DoTs change dynamically?

    I am leveling an Spriest to raid with for replenishment + fort/shadow buffs, since my guild does not have a ret pally, our hunter is MM/SV and our priest has shoddy attendance. So I was wondering, do DoTs change dynamically?

    As in, say I have all my DoTs on a target, then a buff procs. Would the damage of my DoTs change without having to refresh them? And if they do not, would it be beneficial to recast them while not on the move?

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    I could be wrong, i think its a sketchy issue, im not sure for shadow priests but for my affliction warlock i have to shadowbolt before starting my rotation to get the % DoT damage buff going, so i think its some things that are, some that arent.

    Or I am 100% wrong.

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    i think whenever the buff gets refreshed it goes to your current stats...basically to keep ppl from popping everything and getting one super dot and keeping it rolling the whole fight...and not to punish dot classes for letting those super dots fall off

    I'm not 100% on stuff like DP though, since it doesn't auto refresh until you recast it

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    No, if say you get a trinket proc or buff you will want to recast your DoTs. There are several great addons (I personally use Classtimers only because I'm used to it, but power auras, etc are all great) that help you monitor such procs/make it pretty straightforward.

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    Lets say you pull the boss you start dotting, you gain a shadow orb DMC:V and Power Torrent procs your dots on the target wont have the Int from Trinket, Enchant and Orb untill you recast them on the target. So if you see them all come up all you do is Mindblast for the buff of the orb mastery and then rebuff and your dots will have the extra intellect then when you see you have 2 sec left on the trinkets you just re-dot them again.

    TL;DR You have to recast them if you get a trinket proc or enchant proc.

    EDIT: That only goes for Vampiric Touch and Devouring Plague. Not Shadow Word: Pain since it refresh every time you Mind flay (or well 60% chance it does) and every time it will calculate current haste mastery intellect and so on.

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    Vampiric Touch and Devouring Plague do not change whatsoever from the moment they are cast until the moment they are refreshed. The same goes for Shadow Word: Pain, but it will update every time it gets refreshed by Mind Flay, which is typically quite often. There's a few exceptions to this, like with the Concentration buff from Heroic Majordomo, but generally speaking they remain static.

    Whether it's beneficial to recast the dots or not depends largely on what was procced when they were cast in the first place, how long they've been up for, ie will it actually result in more damage going out from losing the GCDs on other abilities and losing the extra ticks that were still on the dot? It varies quite a bit depending on the situation.

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    No spriest dots do not update dynamically.
    SW:P counts as being recast whenever it is refreshed with mind flay.

    Sfiend does update dynamically with spell power (I believe)

    as a side note: Holy Word: Sanc does update dynamically with spell power crit and mastery. It does not scale with haste.

    also as a side note; remember that mastery only changes your dot damage when you use a shadow orb to gain empowered shadows. So you want to use the orb when you have the most mastery (notable situations where this applies include stacking necro focus. and waiting for theralions mirror procs)
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    No Dots do not dynamically update for procs or anything. What you have when cast them is what they tick at until you refresh them. Shadow word: pain is the only one that you don't have to worry about recasting for procs because it updates from casting mind flay.

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