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    6/7HM Prot warrior or Disc priest LF Late night raiding team (US Hours)

    Looking for a late night crew. I'm a former hardcore raider with high situational awareness, min/max my character, read parses and logs on WoL and have an efficient UI that allows me to play to my fullest potential.

    Looking for a late night raiding team on a high population server. Need a team that starts raiding at 12am EST (9pm PST) or that raids in the morning EST time, (I can't raid from 3:00pm EST - 12:00am EST.. which is why im considering oceanic realms).

    I can play as a Prot/Fury Warrior or Disc priest. Am 6/7H. Please respond here if you are recruiting and I'll fill out an app, interview with you. etc.


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    Hey Sliek,

    We're a 6/7HM late night (midnight-4AM PST) guild, and have open spots for exceptional players. If our times suit you, please check out our website (www.parasomnia.us) for all our details and send me an email at [email protected] so we can setup a time to chat on vent.

    All the best,

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    Bump. Looking for a high population server.

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    <The Real FEAR> from the pvp server Barthilas is currently looking for more exceptional applicants to fill our roster. We have just formed and are comprised of experienced ex-raiders; which have experience in such content as Naxx40, Sunwell, LKHM, and Cata HMs. We raid 1 am to 5 am Pst on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. Core spots are available to any exceptional applicant. We do not plan to over recruit. We plan to fill with exactly 11 members. We expect applicants to be versatile to swap roles if needed, but not absolutely necessary. We are planning to build a strong group of players to be ready to go for 4.3!

    You can visit our site at TheRealFEAR.guildlaunch.com

    You may contact any of these members: Charlie (or Waitress), Psx (or Navakai), and Bixlol
    Anything in parenthesis are alts, so you can reach us.

    Thank you and good luck on your search.
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    Hey Sliek,

    We have an immediate core spot open for an exceptional protection warrior. Times are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:30pm - 1:30am EST.

    If you're able to push back the time a couple of hours, then come have a chat with Eyegar/Gelastus/Aigar from <Ridonkulous> on Barthilas. We are a 6/7 HM group with progression on H rag.


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    Hi Sliek!

    <Beyond Redemption>[A] on Khaz'goroth server has a core spot open for a Disc Priest at the moment, and possibly a tanking spot also. Our raid times are 12am AEST - 2.30am AEST from Wednesday, Monday and Sunday.

    We are at 6/7H in FL, and do a bunch of PVP and achievement runs too

    Give Mordei or Lycanflash a message in-game if you want to chat more about our raiding spots, otherwise jump onto our webpage at beyond-redemption.guildlaunch.com to check us out

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