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    Soloing chess event in Karazhan

    Hello fellow forum posters.
    I was reading various guides and tips for soloing chess event in Karazhan. All guides tell me to control king piece, buff, leave the piece and move two pawns up to create room in case Medivh cheats. My problem is, I cannot leave king piece at all. I was using 'Leave vehicle' button that appears on my action bar but it doesn't work.
    I completed the event a week ago with the same issue on my 3rd try (I was only controlling the king and thankfully opposing king came to me and stood in the fire). This week I tried like 15 times and failed each time due to not being able to switch pieces.

    Is this some kind of bug or is it working as intended? Maybe there is another way of exiting pieces (not through action bar)?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    right click the buff/debuff (can't remember which) off that is given while controlling, you will go back to your character and be unable to control another piece for 10 seconds

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    I don't remember ever getting a leave vehicle button, considering vehicles didn't exist during TBC.... but that's really irrelevant.

    You just need to cancel the "Control Piece" buff you have as long as you're controlling a piece. It's easiest if you write a simple macro for it:
    "/cancelaura Control Piece"

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    Thanks for quick answers. I'll try that today. I tihnk 'Leave Vehicle' button may appear because I use Bartender addon and that may be why I'm not able to use it in this fight.

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    Man this brings back memories. They need to make more stuff like this.

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    Just right-click the buff that looks like a purple brain and you can swap pieces.

    Here's how I do it:
    1. Talk to king, buff and leave.
    2. Move the pawns from in front of 1 healer, the king and 1 Tower (Demon/Elemental)
    3. Control the Demon/Elemental that now has room to move and start moving to towards the middle.
    4. After 2 "turns" Medhiv usually cheats, so if you get fire under your Demon move him fast and then leave to move your king to safety.
    5. After moving your King, get back to the Demon and move it to the middle into a position where its AoE is hitting as many pieces as possible.
    6. Get on a Healer and heal your King to full and then start spamhealing the Demon while it AoEs.
    7. If/When the enemy-King gets in range, swap to your Mage/Warlock and start nuking him.


    The idea is to kill as many things as you can with that 1 Demon and maybe getting it to melee their king before you swap to your Mage.
    Once its safe you can move your King to melee their King while healing him on a healer.

    Easy wins.

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    Checked right click thingy and it works. Won on the first try. Lured their king out with a horse and he stepped into the fire. Free loot

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