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    Angry Horse-never-get-it-man Reins

    It just makes me sick...4 years and no sight of it. Last year it seemed to be rather common, this year however seems like drop rate got reduced... Seriously now I can't stand the fact that I've been around so long and knowing I deserve it. And RNG just won't do me the favour even after 4 long years...

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    I know EXACTLY what you mean.

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    I feel your pain.
    We've got a week to go though... fingers crossed.

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    I was lucky enough to get both the Sinister Squashling companion pet and the mount, in the same bag, on the very first day that I ran it. I didn't get it on my hunter last year, so I feel your pain on not getting it after the first few runs! OT I'm currently farming the Raven lord mount.. tedious and seems like its never gonna drop!

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    i just got the helm....on my hunter, but when i jump on my warr all i get is a 4th squashling
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    2 years of brewfest and hallows end, no sight of either mount, I feel your pain

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    I feel your pain. I've been playing since early 2006 and still haven't had the mount drop for me on any of my toons.

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    I've only seen it drop ermm.. 3 times between 4 toons over the last few years. And I've gotten one of them on my druid.
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    I was lucky with it, i wasn't trying to get it when i get it as i didn't know the mount came from him. I was in a dungeon and i looked through my bags and noticed the pouch i forgot to open. I opened it and boom, i got it. GL getting it!

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    Same here, 4 years, still no mount... hope ill get it this year. : /

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    I've had a duplicate Reins in my bag incase they ever become BoE/BoA, a man can hope...
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    the first year, when it dropped from HIM and not the bag mechanic they use now, using alts and such, I killed him at least 30x a day... (me with my like 8 toons high enough, and other guildies with just as many or more, since each person could summon him once per day)

    ive literally NEVER seen it drop.

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    I didn't get it on my Hunter for 3 years ._.. My DK got one, that I never play on anymore. And to top it all off: My rarely then played Warrior got two ._..

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    I got the Horse EIGHT TIMES on my dk, mage and shaman combined - this last week alone
    but on my paladin (main) ?
    for 2 years

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    I've only had it drop for me once and that was for my newly dinged druid alt last year who also managed to get both of the Brewest mounts during Brewfest while I'm still trying to get the kodo on my main.. I collect mounts on my main so the RNG really has been pissing me off with this stuff. Hoping for a better luck during the last week though, so I'm not giving up hope with the horsie just yet!

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    RNG is a bitch. I spent the last 7 years farming MC for Blood of the Mountain and only finally finished Sulfuras 2 months ago. Never even seen a Holiday mount drop, let alone my favorite one, the Headless Horseman's Steed.
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    I am a mount collector on my warrior, only i got so far is the plate head (good but..) been farming this for aprox 4 years to...on 4 chars. Last year i got it on my shammy, seems my shammy gets most drop mounts (looking at you UP,OC and HH mounts).

    Would like it on every char that i can get it on, but so far no luck this year.

    Also lvling my rogue, heard you can enter @84, Confirm?

    Cheers and good luck with the mount drop, seems we all need it.
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    I got the mount on an alt last year... and I got it on another alt this year. It took me 4 years to get the brewfest ram on my paladin (was lvl 32 when Brewfest ended the first year when you could get it by doing dailies and getting the 600 ticket item), I even had the ram on 4 alts via bag drops last year... I'm hoping to get the HHM mount this year on my main finally

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    Also lvling my rogue, heard you can enter @84, Confirm?
    Yes, you can at 84, I got a pug in a group via dungeon finder that was 84

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    i got it on two of my three maxed toons last year, but so far i haven't gotten it on any of my current five this year.

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    Never seen it drop since it was implemented. Seems like a lot of people have it, but from what I recall it seemed to be easier to get last year.

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