So I would imagine that there are a lot of MTG players in here.

For those of you who may not have heard Wizards have just changed the World Championship event from the current format to what is basically a 16 player invitational event. So whereas in the past players could go to their National championship and finish in the Top 4 and qualify to play in Worlds's both individually and as part of your national team, this is no longer in effect and Nationals have become meaningless to a lot of people now , and although I dislike making statements like this (mainly due to the amount of times it has been used on WoW related forums) this could actually kill MTG.

So really I am just want to hear people's opinions on this latest announcement.

Also for anyone who is interested there is a group started on facebook for people opposed to this change who would like to get it reversed, how ever vain this attempt might be

If you are interested you can nip on over and join up, lots of discussions going on there as well.