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    Datamind Diablo 3 Information (including release date info)

    Link here

    Massive amounts of stuff already datamind, with more to come in the following weeks/days. Obviously avoid the spoiler threads to well...avoid spoilers.

    The beta version/download certificates end on the 5th of December, which suggests a release date in late/very early January. This could obviously change, but its some form of hope.

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    That thread was posted 2 months ago...

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    Yes, I'm afraid that is old information and not really relevant anymore - since Blizzard officially stated their release date was pushed back, and at Blizzcon they still had no date, it's unlikely to be that soon

    Most of the other datamined stuff is obsolete as the beta has been in full swing for long enough for it all to be uncovered and videoed now.

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    The leaked backup release date is January 17th 2012.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaiser499 View Post
    The leaked backup release date is January 17th 2012.
    I'ma just steal Sunshine's info and post this right here:

    Quote Originally Posted by Sunshine View Post
    Only on a faked piece of 'leaked' info.


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