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    That's sort of what I was expecting, it just struck me as a bit odd since to an extent part *of* falling to the Dark Side is becoming a Sith (or at least sith-like).

    Does it have any game mechanical effects at all, or does it just affect your look?
    It has cosmetic changes for your character and it affects how your companions react and act around you also.
    not sure if it affects how some of the world NPCs act with you, but that would be pretty cool if it did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Temeluchus View Post
    Being a Dark Side Jedi does not make you a Sith, it makes you a Dark or Fallen Jedi. There are numerous examples of this, you can even argue that Exar Kun and Revan were not truly Sith, just dark or fallen Jedi. Dark Jedi follow the dark side path of the Force, being Sith is heritage or following their ideology, which dark Jedi aren't/do not.
    Fair point - I've been using the term loosely. Generally though there *are* specific manifestations of the Force which are more strongly associated with the Dark Side, and it seems a shame (albeit a game mechanically necessary one) that turning to the Dark Side doesn't manifest in any way through your Force use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Temeluchus View Post
    The more posts I read from you the more I am convinced you are either a troll or just completely uniformed. LS Sith does not mean you are skipping around Korriban planting flowers and holding hands with Taranteks, it could be a Sith who is trying to shape the Empire into a less xenophobic,military-industrial nation into something better or a Sith who conducts himself with honor in battles and believes wanton slaughter or killing a fallen surrendered foe is beneath them. Being a Jedi and trying to or actually" boning someone" doesn't make you a Dark Jedi, it sets you down the dark side path because the Jedi teach that relationships lead to emotional attachments and they evoke the kind of emotions that lead to the dark side.

    To use Karteli's mafia hitman example, is a hitman with a no women or kids policy still a vicious sociopath or could it be that he is a hired killer, good at his job but even he has morals and limits?
    FYI The Fiend has always talked shit on SWTOR lol

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