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    Quote Originally Posted by jearle View Post
    This guy right here has it spot on.

    I played T Kasi in SWG and it was by far my favorite character.

    It could easily be mirrored as he explained.

    And would also be a great counter to the new WoW monk class.
    I was thinking about it more over night, and I now even have STYLE for them

    first AC: Dps/Healer, mostly based around preasure-points n junk.

    Dps style: DoT's/bleeds, and stunbased CC's
    Healing style: Disc style bubbling and damage prevention as opposed to direct healing

    Second AC: Dps/Tank based around direct striking, possiblly 5 animal style based, with different attack graphics etc based on the animal you're using

    Dps Style: Mantis style, using VERY rapid, low damage attacks, with lots of bonus ArP from talents

    Tank Style: Crane style, Medium armor and a stace buff to increase armor to about 1/2 way between Assassin and BH, lots of reactive attacks (think Revenge and the like) and LOTS of low/medium power 1min/90sec CD's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ifro View Post
    So would you just follow someone around telling them how many different languages you know until they get the urge to shut you down? That sounds like a protocol droid to me. "Greetings. I am Ifro, Human Cyborg Relations."
    That'd be hillarious! And alot better than some fat Hutt sitting on their ass all day : )
    Quote Originally Posted by bizzy View Post
    yeh but lava is just very hot water

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    New Alternate class for the Inquisitor:

    Sith Alchemist. Healer/Pet DPS (Able to 'mutate' companions temporarily with Sith Alchemy/Dark Side energy)

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    If you think I'm trolling, send me a PM. Otherwise, keep it out of the forum. There is a big difference from a little joke included in a post, and the people that troll forums.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Teriz View Post
    I'm thinking more along the lines of Greivous or Vader. Cyborgs that still have significant amounts of organic parts.

    I guess another could be a Droid maker? Basically a pet class that tinkers with technology and utilizes lots of Robots.
    Quote Originally Posted by blackblade View Post
    It'd be nice to see something (alien?) that uses regular melee attacks (as opposed to lightsaber + the force) Or a version of the trooper that hybridises these things.
    I like these two ideas.

    Droid maker or machinist would be a good one. Kinda like a hunter for the Space mmo. Unfortunately with companions already kinda being pets eitther all/most your companions would be droids or they'd somehow have to work-in/balance a class that uses 3 characters at once (Player, robot pet and companion). The ACs can probably fill in any role but maybe one will focus on making more powerful/unique droids while the other is just better at hurting droids or stealth healing/dpsing

    A class that is melee but doesn't use lightsabers is greatly needed. It's inevitable I guess that some sort of monk/ninja/knuckle weapon fighter will be added in the long run so maybe they can be AC of the "Melee class"

    I think both these classes would work well with a playable wookiee race or cyborg (both of them having trouble with the force but both being physically strong with some notable expertise in machines)
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    I would still love to see a class like the RIFT chloromancer - dps heals ftw!

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    they probably don't acknowledge KOTOR 2 but there was some beast masters on Onderon.

    Beast Master could be interesting not sure if they'd do it though.

    other than that... maybe like a Duelist similar to the Taris arena?

    Entertainer and stuff like that can stay in SWG, doesn't belong here and it's just lame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teriz View Post
    Think it would be cool if they created a class where you become part cyborg. Sort of like Grevious or Vader.
    Cyborg is already a race in the game, but I would totally agree with having some type of Grevious type class. Besides that I don't really know what else they could do.

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    A pet class would be interesting, like someone said droid maker or beast master, but that would be tough when we already have companions.

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    I'm going to wait to see how classes play but perhaps a mage like class, i feel they'll cover that anyway.
    I used to care that my main has so many 310% mounts, and other rare ground mounts.. But without account wide achievements its worth nothing. :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Burnt View Post
    There really are only 4 classes in the game, they just call the classes by different names based on faction.
    Sith warrior/jedi knight and sith inquisitor / jedi consular are pretty similar, but the other two on each side are quite different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anewok View Post
    Teras Kasi would work
    That does seem cool.

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    I don't know exactly how it would work, or how fun it would be, but what about a dedicated pet class? (aka in addition to the companion)

    I was thinking Senator for the Republic and Moff for the Empire. Limited personal damage abilities but extra control over the pet.

    Biggest obstacle would be differentiating between the Pet and a companion. Pet would be usable in addition to the companion in solo/small group play, but would still be usable in pvp/flashpoints/operations.

    This big bonus is that these classes stick to the archetypal characters from the movies that they have been going with for the other classes.

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    I'm also a huge fan of Teräs Käsi. TK/Fencer was at some point INSANE in pvp back in the day in SWG. Stun Baton doing steady damage while you dodge and mitigate almost all damage caused to you. Anyways, I would totally root for TK.
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    soooo i was looking and thinking bout TOR (bad thing for me thinking)

    and i have come to realize the ONLY melee classes in this game are Force users kinda fuked up now that i think about it. Werent there some ANY type of fighters warriors that were melee but NOT Force users besides the Echani which i just found about

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    As far as The Force goes...a Force Warrior base class with Jal Shey and Zeison Sha ACs could be interesting as a neutral group who can chose a side.

    A Mandalorian race/class could also work for non-force-users.

    The thing to keep in mind is Bioware deliberately came up with classes that covered a wide breadth of possible heroes for each side. We're not going to see new classes for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time, especially considering how many hours are going into each class' story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WoWGoneBad View Post
    soooo i was looking and thinking bout TOR (bad thing for me thinking)

    and i have come to realize the ONLY melee classes in this game are Force users kinda fuked up now that i think about it. Werent there some ANY type of fighters warriors that were melee but NOT Force users besides the Echani which i just found about
    I'd thought of this, but really.. in the age of blasters, how many people are going to be charging around with regular melee weapons? Sure, you got your vibro-knife backup weapon, but what would really be the point of trying to be a melee guy?

    One on one scenario. You and your vibro-sword vs. a guy with a blaster rifle. Unless you stealthed your way behind him (and there's a class that can already do that), you don't have much in the way of hope, realistically speaking. Imperial Agents/Smugglers have cover, BH/Troopers have heavy armor, Force classes have their lightsabers. What does vibro-sword guy to help him close the distance, while blaster rifle guy is endlessly shooting him in the face? Very little. Granted, you could add that "a few blaster bolts wouldn't take his hp all the way to 0", but that's pretty lame imo.

    I'm sure some ridiculous martial arts thing might have a dude Matrix-dodging bullets, but again.. that's in the realm of the Jedi types, and shit I'd shy away from.
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    I don't know if anyone really thought about this but they designed their "classes" after the movie characters such as hon solo = smuggler. So my guess is they would find a nice character from the series and turn them into a class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nyoan View Post
    If we go by kotor and d20 at least could see Jedi Sentinel and perhaps a Scout class.
    I wonder if theyd made a new class or maybe even stick to making a new advanced class to save on dialogue.
    Jedi Sentinel is already in the game...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thatfire View Post
    I would say cyborg would be a good class to be. You would basically have your 2 different specializations but 1 would be saber focused trees for tanking, healing, and DPS. The other specialization would be ranged tanking, healing, and DPS.
    Umm i cant tell u whats wrong with that, but no that wont work

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rokthar View Post
    I don't know if anyone really thought about this but they designed their "classes" after the movie characters such as hon solo = smuggler. So my guess is they would find a nice character from the series and turn them into a class.
    Yeah, they've talked about that since they first revealed the classes. But that doesn't mean the future need to hold to that. There really are no other "main" type characters to base a class on left in the movies anyway.

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    And as stated earlier, adding more classes for the sake of adding a class is stupid and i feel ruins games, and to all the ppl saying SWG classes for the love of god no, that game was just terrible, it was bland and boring, and i don't want Bioware to take ANYTHING from that game, it needed to die and thank god it will be soon

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