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    I would say cyborg would be a good class to be. You would basically have your 2 different specializations but 1 would be saber focused trees for tanking, healing, and DPS. The other specialization would be ranged tanking, healing, and DPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burnt View Post
    There really are only 4 classes in the game, they just call the classes by different names based on faction.
    I think you mean 8 considering each advanced class is considered to be a seperate class.

    Quote Originally Posted by nyoan
    If we go by kotor and d20 at least could see Jedi Sentinel and perhaps a Scout class.
    I wonder if theyd made a new class or maybe even stick to making a new advanced class to save on dialogue.
    The Jedi Sentinel is one of the two advanced class options for the Jedi Knight, the other being the Jedi Guardian

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    Pure-Melee non-jedi class. That is all.
    Quote Originally Posted by SW:TOR
    Jokerseven - Kinetic Combat Shadow - Praxeum - Canderous Ordo
    Ce'lia - Combat Sentinel - Praxeum - Canderous Ordo
    Sentinel PVE Basics for the two Specs that matter

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    less classes the better tbh, would rather there be 8 balanced Aclasses than 12 random classes

    As for playable races cant wait to see what they extend out to.

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    Wookiee bowcaster, grrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaabhhhhhhhllllllllbbbbbbbggggggggggggh
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blznsmri View Post
    Pure-Melee non-jedi class. That is all.
    Wouldn't mind that, to be honest...we know they exist, so...

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    Reskinned WoW? Not that that makes me mad. Still pre-ordered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joshmaul View Post
    Wouldn't mind that, to be honest...we know they exist, so...
    Most are primitive races though like gamorreans and such, that are just brutes with crude weapons.

    Of the races that are playable, none are really "melee" combatants, the reason Jedi use lightsabers is because they are an "elegant weapon and used for ceremonial purposes aswell"

    It seems of the races that use melee weapons, it is more of a Symbolic weapon, moreso then a viable weapon I.E. Sith Swords, Ancient Jedi Swords etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by krethos View Post
    Most are primitive races though like gamorreans and such, that are just brutes with crude weapons.
    Teras Kasi would work
    Yub Yub

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    I would like to see the "Alien" Class. Why is it a class, when Alien is a race? I shall elaborate.

    Daniel Eriksson has said that SW is from a humanish perspective, and you wouldn't want to hear Non-Basic speaking races sitting around "do gah dabba dwee!" for 200+ hours of story. Since they already have human voice actors for the main 8 classes (for each gender), to stick a Hutt in there or something, giving it the refined British accent of the Imperial Agent.. well, you see where I'm going with this.

    Thus the "Alien" class. This is for all those weird looking, or weird-speaking races. Wookie, Mon Calamari, Droid, and so forth. They'd have their own story, and if you picked a fucking Selkath, you could get their terribly annoying, yet at the same time amazingly awesome, gurgle speak in conversations. It would have 4 specs, obviously. Ranged DPS/Heals for one AC, then Tank/Melee DPS for the other. They'd have to have more than two VOs for this, obviously. Wookies won't sound the same as Selkath, but both a Wookie and Selkath could play through the same story (an alien in a hostile galaxy must make his/her way out of poverty and into glory, huzzah!).

    Melee DPS would use a vibro-blade or their claws (or whatever). Ranged DPS could use a weapon acceptable to the race (Wookie Bowcaster). Thing is, it wouldn't actually take more work than designing a single class already in game, except more VOs and changing a single line of dialogue for a quest which mentions the character's race. "You Wookie Scum really stink up the place!" to "You Selkath Scum are the scourge of all that's decent in the galaxy!"

    Just my take on it.
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    Not just the Spartans and a few inept imbeciles to play clean up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by anewok View Post
    Teras Kasi would work
    Except for the fact that it is done by such a minute amount of people from the sect of "Followers of Palawa", and since they are primarily unfriendly towards the Jedi, I doubt the republic would have them, meaning their mirror class would need to be something akin to it. which there is very little like it.

    Well I guess they could Use the Echani Martial art.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karteli View Post
    Any alien species from the pod race introduction (extended / deleted scene - ep. 1) is good, as well as other species throughout the movies. This clip has alot of variety in a short period of time.

    Cyborgs would be interesting, but then the dilemma: can a robot / droid actually make decisions? Can they actually be morally good or bad without being preprogrammed? Their AI is very good, but they have no soul, and were never shown to make love/hate decisions .. at least not in the movies.
    IG88 the bounty hunter is a free thinking driod

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    I'd like to see something that functions similarly to a Bard/Enchanter from Everquest 1. A character that does basically no dps themselves, but can crowd control par excellence and gives great buffs. Perhaps the ability to mind control an enemy temporarily. I have no idea what "class" this would fit to in SW lore though. Maybe a non-combat Jedi, with that Battle-Mastery-Mind-Meld thing Bastila was famous for?

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    It's too early to tell as of yet. I'm not fond of new classes being added in MMORPG's unless they truly bring something new and balanced to the table - in my opinion, a large chunk of WoW's decline in enjoyment for me and a fair few of my friends was down to the death knight class being added and given too many flashy abilities and utility at a time when certain other classes struggled to even make an impact when played by a regular (not top-end) player.

    Overall, I'd rather see a new class limited to a tank or healer role since they are usually the highest in demand when compared to the abundant amount of players focusing upon DPS roles. Who knows, though...maybe ToR will break that trend and it'll be DPS players in a minority!

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    I believe in addons we will see new races with their own classes, of course again mirrored.

    I think thats because the reason we dont have alien races right now is because of the voice acting.
    in an addon it would make sense to create alien races with their own voice acting and because the stories in SWTOR are class based, they get their own class.

    I would love to see a trandoshan/wookie gunner class.
    and I'm sure at some point there will be androids

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    I like the idea of :

    Wookies (Pandarian) with Blaster Xbows
    Mandalorian Type Character (Non-Jedi Melee)
    Driod Maker (Maybe like the Engineer in TF2?) - Through up some droids to DPS for you! (or tank!)

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    a class that can utilise marks of contact.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gallahadd View Post
    definatly some kind of Unarmed class.

    Taras Kasi for Empire and Echani Handmaiden for Republic.

    they've have two AC's one Dps/Heal one Dps/Tank.

    that way I don't have to come back to WoW to get my Monk fix
    This guy right here has it spot on.

    I played T Kasi in SWG and it was by far my favorite character.

    It could easily be mirrored as he explained.

    And would also be a great counter to the new WoW monk class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bizzy View Post
    yeh but lava is just very hot water

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babaganouch View Post
    Fat Hutt Slacker
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    Protocol Droid
    Blenjeel sand worm.
    So would you just follow someone around telling them how many different languages you know until they get the urge to shut you down? That sounds like a protocol droid to me. "Greetings. I am Ifro, Human Cyborg Relations."

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