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    Holy, When do I drop Vibrant Alchemists Stone?

    Well, I'm a holy priest. And from normal Firelands, I have all the 378 armor, except for the rep ring, which I'm close to. But my trinkets, leave alot to be desired. I'm using the Petrified Egg from brewfest (yeah I know) And my Vibrant Alchemists Stone, socketed with my JC 67 int gem.

    Now, my problem is, I'm not sure which trinkets I should be going for. Is there even any trinket in Firelands that would trump my alchemists stone? I'm thinking on replacing my brewfest trinket with Eye of Blazing Power when it drops.

    My main question is, though, is there any point in normal Firelands where I should get rid of the Vibrant Alchemists Stone?

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    Go buy a Darkmoon card: Tsunami to replace your Egg. It's still one of the strongest and most reliable trinkets around for a usually not that great cost. Eye of Blazing power honestly isn't that impressive.
    I'm going with that + Jaws of Defeat from Majordomo when it drops myself. I currently have Fall of Mortality.

    On a side note, I have 11 Alysrazor and majordomo kills and havn't even SEEN any of the healing trinkets drop yet >_<
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    Can I have an armoury please? (You can PM me it if you want)

    So, your choice of trinkets are; Eye of Blazing Power, Petrified Pickled Egg and Vibrant Alchemist Stone (which provides an impressive 361 Intellect, right?).

    From that selection, I would use EoBP and VAS. I'm told PPE has a lol PPM and who's to say it will proc when you need it?

    Can you not get Jaws from Staghelm? Can you not get Fiery Quintessence from the Avengers of Hyjal vendor? That with your Alchemist Stone (providing you use/need pots) would be rather swish.
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    I dropped my alchemy trink when I got the Jaws and Quintessence, though I miss the mana boost to potions If you find yourself having to use your potions a lot you might want to hang on to it until you find that you're only using the potions every once in a while, if you can survive without the extra 40% mana from potions that's about the time to replace it

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