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    [Music] Bands you prefer live

    Just name some bands you prefer live to studio, mines would be muse, crowds are always beast :P
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    Honestly? Dropkick Murphies and Halestorm both do suprisingly amazing live shows, especially since I'm 'meh' on their stuff when it isn't live.

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    Nightwish(some songs in studio realy suck compared to live)
    Dream Evil
    and i only lisent to bands if they are good live :P

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    Pretty much everything is better live, if only for the atmosphere (Im talking metal here, so it may be different for other stuff, but Ive never been to other ones).
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    Three Days Grace is amazing live, I've seen them 5 times and every time it's energy is utterly amazing. I also saw Finch a few concerts before the band broke up, and even though I'm not a huge fan, it was a really good show. The best live band, compared to it's CD, was Apartment 26.

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    Pink Floyd
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    Saw Within Temptation a week ago, damn they're good live.. all songs are just as good (if not better) as studio.
    Then I went and saw Roxette yesterday and that sucked balls...

    Would have expected the opposite but yeah, the rock-genre is awesome live, simple as that. Pop and such is so much "meh" when live.

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    most bands iv seen live have been better than i imagined. Though iron maiden never fail to impress.
    The only bad band i saw live were Motorhead but i think that was mainly due to the setup (base was terriably distorted at an open air festive and it just killed the sound competly)
    I saw kiss in 2008 as the headliners at Download Festival in the UK, and i was a bit dubious at first, but they were amazing and completly changed my oppinion.

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    I guess linking to a live dvd doesn't help much since it displays a band at their best - but Porcupine Tree have some really good and atmospheric live shows. I don't particularly like Rage against The Machine anymore, but they have an energetic one as well. Nothing's better than their first studio album, though. Liquid tension experiment are really good live as well.

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    Enter Shikari. Nothing can match their energy or the atmosphere, the remixes live aswell, they drop tunes and its just a skank fest, then throwsdown and the pits exploded. It's so much fun.

    August Burns Red. Pure epicness and their sound is always incredible
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    I love all my music live, which is why my favourite day of every year is the day that Soundwave falls on... So much epic in one day is so hard to describe!

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    U2 and Mumford & Sons. Both execellent bands live. U2 especially; their music sounds OH so much better live than on studio albums.
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    Queen, no one ever will be as good as Freddy when it comes to being a frontman.

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    30 Seconds to Mars does a great live show... high intensity, high energy.

    Deftones usually works up a great pit.

    A Perfect Circle and Tool often sound at least as good live as on CD.

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    Dave Matthews Band, Minus the Bear, Thrice.

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    Trapt + Coheed and Cambria.

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    None of them. I like my music the studio version. I've yet to attend a quality at a concert that could match the final product of a studio track. With good reason.
    But then again, this is not the exact reason you go to a concert, is it. I've seen some amazing shows now and then, but the music as always been more clear and enjoyable on a mastered track.

    Same reason movies look better than theater. You get to try untill it's just perfect.

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    Mozart and Beethoven are awesome live

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    U2 and greenday for me
    big fan of rise against too, however they're not so good live imo.
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